Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home Is...Family Heirlooms

Home is...

I'm participating in Sandy's "Home is..." series over at The Reluctant Entertainer for the first time today. I've been wanting to join Sandy's party for awhile, and things just kept coming up. The theme for this week is Family Heirlooms.

I know I've shared recently that the majority of "Special Touches" in the T home are of the Fisher Price and Polly Pocket variety, but we do have some special family treasures in our home.

We have some furniture and accessories that I'd classify as heirlooms, but I really treasure family photographs, whether it's a snapshot I took last week or a black and white portrait dating back 100 years.

Many people link their sense of smell to memories. I have no sense of smell (ever!), so I tend to remember things in snapshots in my head, if that makes any sense. I think in pictures a lot, and I believe that's why I value photographs so much.

They say a picture's worth a thousand words, right?

I think the mix of old and new photos in our home is a nice blend of stories and memories from several families over the past century or so.

The photos over the couch are copies of black and whites from my dad's side of the family.
My dad's mother and his father (playing in the Swiss Open, how cool!):

The photo wall in the Addition is a blend of old photos from T's side of the family and really really old photos from my mom's side of the family:
The large one is a portrait of my great-grandmother (4th from the left) and her six sisters, dated in the late 1800s.
Pretty cool, huh?

And this last one was a Mother's Day gift from Natalie last year:
An heirloom to me because my baby was so proud to decorate the frame and give it to me.

These photos don't mean a thing to people who don't call us family, but I enjoy peering at the faces, wondering what stories these people lived. I know someday, somewhere, someone will do the same with portraits of me.

Be sure you're camera ready at the next family portrait never know where that photo will end up!


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  1. I love your old photos, Amanda! How beautiful. . . and how cool! That one of all the sisters--wow. That's a lot of girls in one family!

    And you are so right to group Natalie's creation with your prized heirlooms. It's a good thing for us to remember that what we're doing today will be the memories that our kids take with them!

    So glad you were able to join Sandy's party. It's always fun!

  2. Photos are always a favorite of mine too. You look just like your dad's mom in the 1st photo. Love it! :-)

  3. My mom has a bunch of old family pictures in her house. All my pictures are of my kiddos:) I love the picture with the six sisters!

  4. I've always said that if there was a fire, the kids and dog go out first, then grab my wedding ring and then the photos. Those are the things that are important. I looove old family photos. The Swiss Open? How cool! Looove the old photos of the sisters.

  5. Thanks for stopping by! I like the photo grouping idea, too.

    Our hallway is filled with family - ancient photos of stiff Victorians, smiling photos of my on their graduation day, aunties I never knew, and my grandmothers in their youthful prime. I love having my family surrounding us!

  6. I absolutely love old photos! My favorite thing when I'd go to my grandparents houses was looking at their old pictures. I have several of them now.

  7. Loooove all the heirloom photos. Check out that hair flower. Tres chic!

  8. I love old photos. The one of the seven sisters is wonderful!

  9. I love family photos, they're always wonderful to see! Love that you are decorating with such special, meaningful family objects! Such a warm, welcoming feel it brings to your home! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Hi Amanda, thanks for linking up to RE today for the first time. I love how you incorporated so many heirlooms into your house - it's totally a part of your decor! Great job. Fun to see and read about.

    Hope you join me again! Sandy

  11. I agree, old photos or any photos for that matter are so comforting around a home. I love all yours :)

  12. I always enjoy looking at old photos, especially in someone's home. I, too, so often wonder about the stories behind the faces.

    Your displays look great!

  13. Wonderful heirlooms and photos...the best way to decorate!!

  14. The old photos are wonderful, I love our own collection as well. So many stories in those old pictures!

  15. I see in pictures too!! Love your photos!! That one of the sisters is awesome.

  16. What a beautiful post. What a beautiful family!

  17. visiting from Sandy...I love your pictures. I think old pictures can make any house a home, and so wonderful for kids to see their heritage.

  18. What great heirlooms and photos...I love the one with all the sisters!

  19. I love your display of old photos. If I visited, you can be sure that I'd examine each and every one of them. They look really nice displayed together.

  20. I love old photos and heirlooms. We have several around the house as well. Some are very sentimental.

  21. That's so cool that you have so many old photos of your family ancestors! You're very lucky! My mom recently got a few from my grandma so maybe one day they'll be passed down to me. Great way to teach your kids about the importance of families and capturing memories!

  22. I sooo love photos too, but you are way more organized at displaying yours!

    I too have a treasured hand-decorated framed picture from my daughter! Those are the best kind!

  23. I enjoyed seeing your collection and enjoy looking at old photos of my family as well. I love the frame from your daughter. Priceless!



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