Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

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I'm working childcare at our church's Bible study for the next few weeks with my friend, Kim.

Last week, Natalie and a little boy named Mikie were the only children in our room. It was an excellent lesson for me in the difference between boys and girls, and gave me a look at what the future would look like if the T family ever adds a little boy.

Upon his arrival in our classroom, Mikie set to work building a monster truck obstacle course.

I had no idea such a thing even existed, but Mikie was most intent on creating a course with the most extreme ramps and angles that he could dream up. Natalie busied herself with the Fisher Price dollhouse, glancing over every so often to check on Mikie's progress.

Mikie seemed to be having so much fun with his trucks that Natalie decided to join him. She copied his truck noises as best as she could. The pair bounced their trucks through the course until Mikie's truck took a nose dive off a ramp.

"Whoa! He's done! He's outta here!" Mikie crowed. He tossed the truck into the pile in the corner.

Natalie slowly pulled her truck to the side. "He's going to go home now to his family." she said, lovingly brushing her truck off.

Like most preschoolers, they moved on to a new activity quickly.

Mikie decided that he wanted to build the "tallest block tower ever," creating levels starting with a large base of ten blocks and moving to smaller tiers as he went up.

I watched him start his tower. Like a very small engineer, he began lining up each block precisely, his brow furrowed in concentration.

He was moving right along when Natalie approached.

Natalie: Can I help you, Mikie?

Mikie (eyeing her with as much skepticism as a 4 year old can muster): How old are you?

Natalie: Three

Mikie: Well, you can help when we get to the threes. I think the fours will be kind of tricky.

Natalie: Okay.

I was waiting for her to ask him when she could decorate the place, but she didn't get to because he got tired of building after awhile and they just knocked it over.

I sometimes feel that way about my house, but that's another story.

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  1. Yep, sometimes it WoULD be easier to just blow it up and start over, right?
    Boys make all the noises and grunts, and girls are all over the tea party and decorating.....a thought my husband still quite doesn't get! :)


  2. LOL, Amanda! What a cute post. Oh yes...having raised 3 daughters and now having 3 grandsons I see a HUGE difference! The noise level is what I really notice! And of course the way they play.


  3. Yep. We thought we were having babies but in fact, we were having little men and little women. Go figure

  4. I use to do VBS every summer and I think I would learn more than the kids...too funny~

  5. I feel that way about my house too!

    Boys and girls definitely are made up completely different!

    Also how come they can make car noises, and explosion noises, and machine gun noises and we can't? I was always so jealous of my brothers.


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