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Chick Flick Club tips and Movie Review

I've mentioned before that my girlfriends and I had so much fun seeing The Ugly Truth that we joked about starting up a Chick Flick Club.

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We see and hear so many serious things on TV, in the newspaper, and on the radio. I'd be willing to bet that many of you, like me, need a bit of escapism now and then. (That's why I'm hooked on Fluffy books.) If I'm going to invest a few hours and a few dollars, I want to be entertained.

I thought about it for a bit and decided why not?

*Here are a few tips for starting your own Chick Flick Club.*

~The unspoken rule for the Chick Flick Club is that we choose the late showing of a movie. It's hard to round up a bunch of friends to do something without husbands getting all cranky about having to stay home and put the kids to bed. In our area, that's typically a start time of 9:30 or 9:50 pm, which is just enough time for me to bathe the kids, put them in bed, take a breather, and put on something other than yoga pants and a tee-shirt before walking out the door. T can't complain because I did all the work and all he has to do is sit on the couch and watch The History Channel, which is what he'd be doing if I were staying home.

~I like to use Evite to send out the movie invitation. I typically have 30 or so ladies on my guest list, and it's so much easier to keep track of who's coming. I can also send out easy updates this way, and I believe Evite even lets you insert a poll into the invitation so guests can vote on which movie to see.

~I send out my Evites at least 2 weeks in advance. If your children are grown, or if you don't have children, you might not need this much notice. For those of us who have to nag nicely ask our husbands to keep an eye on the kids or lure hire a sitter to come over, we might need some extra time.

~If you bribe your husband with his favorite dinner, he might be generous enough to agree to putting the kids to bed so you can meet the girls for a quick coffee or dessert before the movie.

~Make sure to post your cell phone number in your Evite so the other girls can call if they're running late and you can save seats. Get to the theatre early if the film is a new release. We went in to grab seats about 10 minutes before the last movie started, only to find that the theatre was pretty full. We ended up having to sit closer to the screen that we would have liked.

By sending out invites early and encouraging my girls to come out for some fun, we had a great turnout the last time. We took up about a row and a half in the middle of the theatre!

We went to see:

{The Time Traveler's Wife}

Although the movie was very well-done, I can't call it a "Fluffy Favorite" because everyone was crying at the end! The whole theatre was silent and all you could hear was sniffling. When the lights went up, L turned around and jokingly told me that I'm not allowed to pick the movies anymore.

An interesting concept to this film...enough to make me consider reading the book at some point. I tend to look at the female leads' hair a lot for some reason. If her hairstyle is awful, I get distracted. Rachael McAdams has gorgeous hair, so that was a plus for The Time Traveler's Wife. I didn't have to let my mind wander and think about a bad dye job or a perm gone wrong.

Next picks?

Jennifer Aniston always has fabulous hair. I've loved her since "The Rachel."

This one in December for sure! Sarah Jessica Parker's hair is looking a little frumpy here, but it looks like it goes with the story! She is always amazing. And I adore Hugh Grant...his dancing scene in Love Actually is one of my faves. How could you not fall for a guy with an accent?!

Don't care if I have to wait and see this one when my sis comes home for a's like So You Think You Can Dance on the big screen. Cut me some slack...I was a toddler when the first one came out!

And we all know from my previous post on chick flicks how excited I am to see New Moon; theatre packed full of crazed teens and all!

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{What are you hooked on this week?}
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  1. I love the Seinfeld reference in your name. Serenity now!! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I hope to hear from you in the future!

  2. Love this idea. I want to join the club!! Sounds like so much fun.

  3. The last movie I saw in the theater was Twilight, oh how I need a break sometimes!! This is a fantastic idea!!

  4. Great advice! I LOVED The Ugly Truth too, hubby even liked it! I think it's just raunchy enough for the guys. :)

  5. What a great idea to pick the lat movie so the kiddos are already in bed! I'll have to suggest that to my BFF for our upcoming plan to see The September Issue.

    thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my NYC post!

  6. "Girls" definitely need a night out without husbands! I have a weekly standing date for lunch with a friend.

  7. Great idea! I loved your comment about the leading actress' hair; I sometimes get distracted if I think the film was expensive to film, and I worry that the film isn't going to make enough money to cover its costs. Why on earth would I worry about this? I can tell that I don't love the movie if my mind starts going in this direction. If I start to get concerned about the end coming, then I know that I am loving the film - I don't want it to end.

  8. thanks for posting chick flick trailers! super fun. that one with hugh grant looks adorable and now i am counting down the months to december!

  9. Ooooh! Fun, fun, fun!!! Can non-mommies come to these too? :-)

  10. I want to see ALL of these. My last chick-flick was Julie & Julie, before that ... I forget! We don't end up at the late night showing, though. We'd likely all be asleep by then. ;)

  11. What a great idea! Thank you for telling us just how you do this!

    And I like your new profile picture. Very cute!

  12. I may have told you this before, but I love your new profile pic!!! Chick flicks too!!

  13. We have ladies' movie night around here pretty often. But I never thought of sending out an evite. That would add an element of fun to it. We just went to see "September Issue". It was very interesting. Lisa~

  14. This sounds like so much fun, I wish I had enough girlfriends in town to have a big group! That SJP movie looks cute.

  15. What a great post! I actually hadn't seen the trailers for some of these movies, so thanks for sharing!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest :) Glad I got to check out your blog - I'll be back!

  16. have 30 friends you can invite? I AM a loser! I usually end up with 1 or 2 girlfriends to hang with!

    Can't wait to see FAME!!!

    I hardly ever go to a movie...but I always want to!

  17. Great ideas! I have a group of friends who regularly get together to watch movies at the local second run theater. We meet around 7:00 so we have plenty of time to enjoy a drink or two together afterward.

    I have to say - we don't butter our husbands up to take care of their fair share of the parenting duties. Even those of us who are stay at home moms feel deserving in missing one night a week of the bedtime routine. Holding your husbands accountable early on and not setting the standard that you'll take care of everything makes all the difference in the long run.


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