Friday, September 11, 2009

Decorating Dilemmas Giveaway Winner(S)!

What??! Did I just type an "S" at the end of "Winner"??

Yes, I did.

I wanted to reward my party guests, so I went out and bought another copy of:

I wanted to surprise everyone with two winners this time. Thanks to each and every friend who linked up for the party!

I mentioned before that a blog party isn't a party if you just link up and then sit around like a wallflower. I was really impressed with the way some of you "mingled" and offered genuine, thoughtful feedback to your fellow bloggers. I even noticed several bloggers visiting who weren't able to participate this time. Thanks to you too!

I was so impressed that I sat down late last night and went through each blog post again to find the person who mingled the most...Miss Congeniality, if you will.

The first copy of Better Homes & Gardens' 100 Decorating Ideas Under $100 goes to Alanna Rose from One Little House. Thank you, Alanna Rose, for being such an outgoing guest!

For the second copy, I went to and had them pick a number for me. I wasn't sure how to get it to show up, so I just copied and pasted from the site:

True Random Number Generator
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

The second copy goes to Sarah from Chickie Momma Crafts!

Ladies, please email me so that I can get your copies of the magazine in the mail next week!

I've had some more requests to offer the party again, and I am totally willing to host again next month. I really think this is a fun party that can be helpful for all of us. Please start taking a look around your home for more dilemmas and solutions you can share. I hope we'll have a successful party with lots of visiting around to receive helpful ideas and tips! Here's my "button" (photo) for the next installment!

Until next time...have fun reworking your Dilemmas and finding more solutions!
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  1. can you read my mind? i kept thinking she ought to give a prize for the person who visits the most. and you did! it's so hard to offer advice when you have no ideas but visiting is easy, fun & free! sorry, i didn't get around hardly at all. had a killer migraine & then had to do a funeral lunch at church.

    i'm so glad you're going to do this again. i've got more decorating dilemmas than you can imagine.

    congrats to alanna & sarah!

    amanda, you rock! & i'm planning my beachy tv room as i type!

  2. NO WAY-I never win anything!! Guess I cannot say that anymore!!!
    Thank you soo much!!
    Totaly enjoyed the Party and can't wait to cyber party again:))

  3. NO WAY-I never win anything!! Guess I cannot say that anymore!!!
    Thank you soo much!!
    Totaly enjoyed the Party and can't wait to cyber party again:))

  4. Congrats to the lucky winners! So glad to hear of a repeat decorating dilemmas party! I got some great feedback this time!

  5. Congratulations to you ladies for winning! And Amanda, you should get a prize for hosting. It was a neat party and lots of fun! Thanks so much!


  6. What? Someone did more visiting than me? Crap, I spent the whole day goin' around to everyone!

    Loved your party!

  7. I never win anything!!
    Thank you! and Thanks again for such a fun party :)

  8. Congrats to your winners!

    I'm excited you are having another Decorating Dilemmas party. I definitely have some dilemmas to share. :)

    Did you see that I'm having a Frugal Fall decorating party on the 23rd? I hope you'll come by and link up!

  9. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog. You asked where I got the Christmas fabric I had posted on my blog. I order lots of fabric of off Etsy.

  10. Amanda, I am so glad you did this! I have a dilemma that I hope to link up for the next party--if I can get my act together! But I especially want to thank you for encouraging everyone to visit and participate. I've noticed that some parties are getting so big that we work to get our own posts up but don't necessarily visit other entries. You have stopped by my blog several times when I've participated in parties, and your comments are always encouraging--and I really appreciate you for it! Thank you for your very kind way of giving us all that little "kick in the pants" that we needed. :)


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