Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Play Date

Yesterday, I was blessed with the presence of two lovely young ladies in my home. My friend, L dropped off her youngest, "La-La", for a play date. L had a meeting over at church, and a play date sounded like a great idea. Natalie, who normally looks forward to sharing her toys about as much as she looks forward to going to get shots, was surprisingly upbeat. T picked her up from preschool, and when she got here L was already parked in the driveway.

"La-Laaaaaaa!" she called from the open front door. "Come on in!" I think the warm air she let out of the house at that moment probably added another $200 to our electric bill.

The girls spent the afternoon immersed in the arts:

Fine Dining-The play date began with lunch, although both girls assured me that they were not hungry. Trying to get one three-year old to eat is a feat unto itself. Attempting to get two three-year olds to eat is a qualification for sainthood. Natalie and La-La spent the better part of lunch talking and hopping up and down out of their seats...made me wish for seat belts. I managed to get some grapes and peanut butter sandwiches into them before they were off to their next venture.

I kept waiting for a screaming fight to break out, but other than a small skirmish over the tea party, they were very civil. La-La preferred a more formal tea service, and Natalie had a more casual party planned, but they were easily distracted. They even entertained Michaela Byrd so I could wash the dishes!

Film: During lunch, La-La asked me if we have "High Cool Moosikul." (She has two big sisters) Sadly, I informed her that we do not own that fine piece of artistry. Natalie quickly interjected that we do, however, have Cinderella, an amazing cinematic achievement. They both concurred that the script and animation are sublime, but they prefer Peter Pan's score.

Politics: The girls munched on goldfish between courses and Natalie, ever the political activist, announced that we have "a Present named Obama." La-La made a distasteful face, as she is also a budding conservative. Natalie informed us that "I doesn't like Obama because I am very smart."

Fashion: What play date could end without a fashion show? The girls tore through the dress-up trunk like a pack of wild Grizzly bears and emerged from the new room (we don't really have a name for this room-hence, it is called "the new room) as worldly, sophisticated ladies. Here they are in their finery.

What is more precious than a pair of three year olds playing dress-up?? Without fighting over accessories! After the photo shoot, they donned bracelets, necklaces, and gloves. I think Anna Wintour would be proud of the ensembles. (La-La is wearing a vintage Dior gown paired with some fabulous hot pink Jimmy Choo slingbacks. Notice the plunging neckline? A daring choice, but I think she pulls it off well. Natalie donned a yellow skirt from the Carolina Herrera Spring line. She is wearing a diamond studded, feathered Harry Winston tiara. Paired with a pink Hermes bag, and pink Manolos, she is ready to walk 5th Avenue with the rest of the socialites.)

Today showed me that maybe Natalie is growing up. It was wonderful to see her interacting so well with her friend, but broke my heart just a little to see how big she's getting. I think we're both looking forward to the next play date! Perhaps they can plan an anti-Socialism march on the White House for next time....


  1. Sooooo adorable! I love the way you spin a tale. :)

  2. She is growing up so fast to compromise with her friend. Sounds like they had a wonderful time together. Glad they included little sister also. You are so intelligent, not only do you know about children, politics,etc. you know about fashion. Tea parties are so fun. WAIT till you have that first sleep over.


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