Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My New Favorite Camera Bag

When I find something I reeeaaally love, I try to share it with you guys. I got a new camera bag not too long ago, and just had to show it off because I've had a lot of compliments on it. This post is not sponsored in any way...just a shout-out for a cool product I fell in love with. I snapped a few quick iPhone shots on the deck last night (couldn't find the old point and shoot). Here's my new camera bag! Don't you love the pattern?
Favorite Camera Bag Backpack (from Thirty One), at Serenity Now

As you can see, it's actually a back pack, which I love because I can take it on field trips, outings to the park, etc. and not worry about it getting banged up the way I do with my JoTotes bag. 

It comes with an insert of padded dividers for keeping your camera and equipment organized. They are completely removable, turning the bag into a real backpack. They are not as sturdy or thick as the padding in my JoTotes bag, but I can fit a lot more stuff in! I will probably add some padding around my Nikon just to be on the safe side. 

This is what I can fit in my bag so far:
Favorite Camera Bag Backpack, at Serenity Now

1. Lens cleaner and camcorder TV hook-ups
2. Remote control shutter
3. Photography ebook from Kristen Duke
4. LCD wipes and extra lens cap
5. Extra camera battery, extra SD cards, mini tripod
6. Nikon
7. Zoom lens
8. Camcorder

Another cool feature is that the top of the backpack unzips and you can access items that way too. There's another zippered pouch there at the top where I keep the charger for our camcorder.
Favorite Camera Bag Backpack, at Serenity Now

The bag also comes with a coordinating water bottle holder that's lined with that thermal stuff to keep your drink cool. I tested it with a large, half-frozen water bottle on the day of Natalie's field trip and it was a true life saver. Burning hot temps + out in the sun + ride on hot bus + pregnant mom = no fun. But my water stayed cold and kept me from passing out!
Favorite Camera Bag Backpack, at Serenity Now

I'm not a huge fan of the one-shoulder design. It felt kind of awkward when I was toting it around. But I definitely love the idea of a backpack for my camera stuff!
Favorite Camera Bag Backpack, at Serenity Now

I believe this bag, called an "Organizing Pack" on Thirty One's website, is available only as a hostess exclusive. Mine was a gift. But definitely worth hosting a party online or at home if you know a rep!!
Favorite Camera Bag Backpack, at Serenity Now

How do you carry your camera equipment?

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  1. This is super cute! We have a similar backpack but it's not nearly as cute as yours. When I'm out and about, I usually carry our point and shoot because the big camera is so bulky.

  2. I have wanted one since I spotted them in the catalog. I think I just might have to host a party!

  3. Love it! My mom hosted a Thirty One party last week and I almost got her to get that one for me to use as a camera bag:)

  4. I just joined Thirty-One Gifts as a consultant JUST so I can get this bag :-) Thanks for showing us what all you can fit!! I'm definitely going to have to get this one now :-)

    Thanks Again!



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