Thursday, June 27, 2013

And All That Jazz

Our neck of the woods has been busy with Vacation Bible School, swim lessons, errands, and enjoying summer. I'm starting to come out of that first trimester haze, but haven't had the energy (or the funds) to do any DIY or crafts lately. So I thought I'd share some pics from Natalie's dance recital earlier in the month.

She added jazz on top of ballet this year, and while the ballet class ended up being a bust (a teenager teacher with a class that was too large), she adored jazz and had to cutest dance for the show. Ballet was danced to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" with a lovely tutu in a pretty shade of green. Jazz was a punchy disco number to "Boogie Shoes" and funky sequined costumes.
Jazz Show 2013, at Serenity Now blog

And on to the ballet....

And, I know this makes me a total "mommy blogger," but the jazz routine was too cute not to show you guys. It's clearly not professional level (this was just dress rehearsal), but these are a bunch of seven year olds who only take the class once a week. So, not bad. Natalie's the girl in the front row on the far left at the start.

Cute, huh?

Do your kids dance? Have a favorite routine or genre?

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  1. This is too adorable! I wanted to do dance so bad when I was younger but no one I knew did it and my parents just never had the money. This year I took my first Hip Hop class and I loved it, but I just don't have time to do it during the summer. I really hope my daughter gets into dance. I would love to take her. I just don't want to be a parent that makes their kid do it just because that is what the parent it interested in.

  2. Cute! I took ballet and jazz for 15 years. I loved it!

  3. So cute! My niece has been dancing for 10 years now. Always fun to watch.

  4. Very cute! I teach dance (ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and musical theater) to ages 3-adult.) Their routine was adorable :-) It stinks that she didn't like her ballet class due to the teacher and size- what rotten luck. She did so well in her jazz routine! You can tell she loves it! Congrats to her for a job well done. <3~Jenna @

  5. Nat was fabulous! You'll have to let B know the next time they have a show. She would love to be a spectator. :$

  6. So cute! She looks like she really is having fun too! My daughter has danced for 6 years (she is 11). It is so cool to see their improvement every year, isn't it? The last two years she has done dances about driving that end in a car crash (hip hop and jazz...different songs, different classes). I told her I'm taking it as a sign and I'm never letting her get her driver's license! LOL


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