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Holiday Hair Tips (Style Guide)

The month of December can be so busy that we often run out of time to think about ways to dress up our day-to-day looks. I started thinking about what I'll wear on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and realized I needed to change things up again with my Holiday Style. Today my friend Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs is going to share some fabulous style tips for your tresses this holiday season!

Please help me welcome Michaela!

Hello, friends and readers of Amanda! I'm Michaela, author of Michaela Noelle Designs. Normally I write about interior design, but occasionally throw in some lifestyle posts. I'm so excited to be here today sharing a few fun hairstyles you can add to your holiday style repertoire. Let's get started, shall we?!

Fishtail braid

comb, elastic, bobby pins, hairspray
Holiday Hair Tips {Your Style Guide}
Holiday Hair Tips {Your Style Guide}
Holiday Hair Tips {Your Style Guide}
Holiday Hair Tips {Your Style Guide}
Holiday Hair Tips {Your Style Guide}
Holiday Hair Tips {Your Style Guide}

Fishtail Braid how-to:
Start by taking a small section of hair from the right side of your head and cross it to the left. Gently pull. {No need to twist it under other strands or anything. Just leave it on top!} Take a small strand of hair from the left side and cross it over to the right side. Gently pull. Continue doing this until you run out of hair. Secure with elastic at the end and follow the rest of the instructions to complete the up-do.

Despite popular belief, a fishtail braid is much easier than a french braid-- all you're doing is criss-crossing sections of hair instead of actually braiding.

No-Heat Curls

elastic headband, possibly a few bobby pins, hairspray
Holiday Hair Tips {Your Style Guide}
Holiday Hair Tips {Your Style Guide}
Holiday Hair Tips {Your Style Guide}

No-heat curls how-to:
After you're done wrapping hair around the headband, just lightly hairspray, go to sleep and wake up to take out the headband. I always end up touching up the top layer with my 3/4" barrel curling iron, but other than that, the curls come out great. Give it a whirl :)

What hair styles are you planning to try this holiday season?

Thanks for inviting me here today, Amanda. Merry Christmas!! :)
Thank you so much, Michaela, for putting together a fabulous guest post for me!

Michaela Noelle Designs is a beautifully styled blog full of design and fashion inspiration. Most importantly, Michaela is as beautiful inside and she is on the outside (aren't you jealous of that gorgeous hair?!). Her sweet spirit shines through in each post she writes. Please give her a visit and let her know I sent you!

This post is part of my Season of Serenity at Home series; a Christmas round-up of projects, activities, ideas, and tips to help you have a beautiful holiday at home without all the stress. Click here for a round-up of all the posts to date.
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  1. I love these hair tips! My daughter has long hair (8th grade) and I love to play with it. Will be trying these on her!! See ya tomorrow for the party. I'll be linking up!

  2. love these tips! i'm still trying to learn how to fishtail braid - one day!!


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