Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What is a Blog Party? (How to Blog Party series)

Welcome back! Today is the first official post in my new blogging series, How to Blog Party (you can click over to that link for details, and I'll be adding each link in the series to that post). This series will be full of tips and tricks for bloggers. I think it will also be helpful for non-bloggers to see all of the work that goes into linking to and hosting blog parties.

We'll be starting with pretty basic, beginner stuff. Today's topic is a definition of what a blog party is.

*I feel like I should preface this post by saying that I am in no way a link party "expert" or anything like that. I joined my first blog party in 2009, and also hosted my first link party (for Decorating Dilemmas) that same year. So, I do have a bit of experience...but I don't have a doctorate or anything, ha!

If you're a seasoned blogger, this post idea might seem a little silly, but I can remember a time when my blog was brand new and I kept seeing one of my favorite bloggers talk about hosting a link party on her blog.

"What in the heck is she talking about?" I remember thinking.

It took me several months of reading before I figured out what she meant by a blog party and before I could work up the nerve to join in. I get comments all the time from new bloggers who aren't sure what a blog party is. So, this post is for you guys! (If you know a new blogger, you might want to direct him/her to this series.)

What is a blog party, anyways?

A blog party (also called a "link party") is, in its most basic definition, a spot for bloggers to share their work with an audience they might not normally reach, and an opportunity for the host blog to gain some extra traffic.

In detail, a blog party is a specific post that Blogger A publishes on her own blog, allowing other bloggers to feature individual posts from their sites. Blogger A becomes the "host" (or hostess) of the blog party by letting other bloggers (guests) leave a link from their site within her post.

Anyone with a blog can add a link from their own blog to Blogger A's party post. They can do this by pasting their URL into a special link hosting system that Blogger A has embedded within the blog party post.

Most blog parties are open for bloggers to add links for a set amount of time, and when it closes, the links are hosted on Blogger A's site indefinitely. It looks like this when bloggers have added their links:

The act of adding a URL from your blog to a link party is called "linking up." Participating bloggers can display a descriptive title and a small photo (called a thumbnail) from a post of their choosing, just like you see above. People who read Blogger A's blog can click on any of the above thumbnail photos and the link will take them directly to the corresponding post from the person who added it.

For example, I host a blog party every weekend here at Serenity Now. I add a special code to my post for Friday morning that creates a little entry form for guests to fill out and link their posts up with. When my party post is published on Friday morning, Suzie Blogger can stop by my site and will see the special spot for her to add the link for her recent post on Chocolate Cake. She adds her URL link, titles it "Chocolate Cake Recipe," chooses a thumbnail photo from her post, and submits it. My readers will see her thumbnail picture and click on the "Chocolate Cake Recipe" title to be redirected to her post.

There are all kinds of blog parties! Some are weekly, like my Weekend Bloggy Reading party; some are monthly; some are just hosted on occasion or one time only. Many have themes that revolve around special interests like crafting, home decor, cooking, or holidays. We'll touch on this later in the series.

Why should you join a blog party? Come back next week and I'll tell you {wink}. You may want to consider signing up as a GFC Follower on my sidebar or even Subscribing so you don't miss a post!

Any questions? Please feel free to email me or leave a comment below. I hope you enjoy this series.

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  1. I remember a year or two ago when I first started reading blogs. I had no idea what a blog party was. I think this will be a great series for new blogger/readers and seasoned veterans.

  2. I think you should give yourself a Doctorate in Blog Parties. If anyone deserves it, it's you.

  3. Great post Amanda! I could have used something just like this a few years ago when I had no idea what a blog party was:) I can't wait to read the rest of the series!

  4. Thanks for the information! I am new to the blogging world, and trying to get out there. This really helps!

  5. Great series! Can't wait to read more!

    -Erin Spain

  6. This is really helpful! Thanks!

  7. This is really great information! I'm also new to the blogging world and this sounds really great! Thanks for the series, I look forward to reading along!

  8. I am that person who totally doesn't understand "you're invited to my linky party!" lingo...this series is going to be so helpful for me!!!

  9. I am that person who totally doesn't understand "you're invited to my linky party!" lingo...this series is going to be so helpful for me!!!

  10. I'm definitely saving these posts somewhere! I'd love to host a blog party someday! :)

  11. This is so awesome Amanda. I can't wait to read more .

  12. If there were such a thing as a doctorate in Blog Parties, you'd have it.

    If I ran a university, I'd give you an Honorary Doctorate, at least.

    This series is great! You're providing a wonderful service by writing about this. Everyone has questions; you provide answers!!

  13. This is going to be a great series Amanda! Looking forward to next week :)

  14. What a fun series Amanda. And something that people will love learning about. I am excited for next week!


  15. This is great Amanda! This will be really helpful for a lot of people!!

  16. This is going to be very helpful. I am curious to know more about why you don't recommend linking up too much. I am about 3 months into blogging and really look up to you. I have read and reread all of your series. Thank you for helping all of us little guys out! It amazes me that your blog just turned one not too long ago! You obviously know what you're doing.
    Elyse from Shabby Sweet Tea

  17. Thank you so much for this blog post. I have been following several blogs for over a year. I have even contemplated blogging, too. I can't decide if I want to blog about teaching or about crafting, or both. Thank you so much for this series. I can't wait to read more!

  18. Thanks for starting this series. I am a blogger in her rookie year and although I know what a link party is, I'm curious to know what other bits of wisdom you have in regard to this topic. Newest follower!

    ~ Ferly
    Gifts We Use {to grow, love and serve}

  19. What a coincidence! This is so timely & informative!

    I was just chatting this week with a new blogging pal about the possibility of hosting a them-based blog party based on our shared interests.

    Thanks, Amanda!

  20. Excellent! Thanks for this, it has really helped- its a minefield out there. Looking forward to future posts x

  21. OH MY GOSH. I am so happy to have found your blog and these gems of information. I am very new to the blogging world, and still trying to figure it all out. This stuff is SO helpful. Thank you Thank you Thank you

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