Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Doesn't Belong in This Picture?

If you guessed "small, fluffy dog that strongly resembles a cat," then you would be correct.

Also, I would have accepted "electronic charger," "newspaper," "tape," or "floss." But really "small, fluffy dog that strongly resembles a cat" is what I was looking for.

We had a crazy day yesterday, so I told the girls that they could eat their lunch while they watched an episode of Max and Ruby. This was met with wild enthusiasm, akin to informing someone they have just won the lottery or maybe that Pottery Barn is clearancing out half their store. Had I known this would impress them so much, I would have scaled back at Christmas and birthdays and just let them eat in front of the darn TV. Who knew?

At some point, the girls migrated from the living room into the addition, but I heard some strange scratching noises, so I went to investigate. I found Emma on top of the coffee table with her entire snout lodged inside Michaela Byrd's milk cup. She had the good sense to look embarrassed for a moment, until I started laughing and ran to grab the camera. 

As with the vegetable garden raiding, she wasn't particularly apologetic. Mostly just worried that I might move  the PB Kids armchair that was her mode of transportation to the tabletop.

Anyone else have a naughty pet?

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  1. Oh yea. My Westie is the worst for digging in the garden after he has had a bath. He comes in with dirt flung all over him. My husband's theory is that he wants to look like his "sister" who is a black cairn terrier- think Toto. BTW, your fur baby is too cute!

  2. HAHA! She's so cute! Our parrot has learned how to "shoosh" us unfortunately, I guess we do it so often to her when she gets too loud that she finally picked it up & she does it to us when we get to loud all the time now. Lol!

  3. Too funny! Phoebe has been a pretty good puppy, except for chewing on one of the boys' bike seats and barking at 10 o'clock at night:)

  4. You made me laugh! I needed that this morning. Emma is so cute!
    Our dog and cats are always getting into something, but I can't ever get the camera in time, or I'm laughing too hard to even try to take pictures.

  5. Too cute! Last Summer I was outside eating a pita with peanut butter. I finished my first slice... turned around to start on the second and found that my yorkie had dragged it off the plate and licked the peanut butter off. I have to guard my lunches now.

  6. The funny thing is, I looked at this photo and glanced right past the cute dog. Why? Because I have 5 naughty pets who are always doing something like this! ;)

  7. Oh yes, we do have a naughty pet. She has gotten into the garbage 3 times this week and it does NOT make me laugh and take a picture! It makes me CRAZY!

    But other times she does make me laugh, so maybe it evens out. Maybe.

  8. Our dog is naughty too! I have a banquette in my kitchen and if my kids leave any food on the table there, our dog can jump up on the banquette and hop onto the table. She is naughty.

    Your dog is cute and fluffy!!


  9. I feel better reading about her antics. Honestly, I should have grabbed the camera this morning, only I wouldn't have gotten a cute photo. I woke up to find that March had come in like a lion--Cocoa had gotten into the trash overnight, then thrown up 10 different places. What a welcome to Thursday!!

  10. HAHA! Yes, our girls tend to think they can sneak food from the table when nobody's looking... They're a little bigger than Emma, so they can usually jump up and drag off whatever is sitting on the edge!

  11. That Anonymous comment above was me by the way... Don't know what it saved like that...

  12. man this really made my day! so funny! I have a naughty pet, for sure...I'm pretty sure our kitty is the spawn of something truly evil, but she's just so cute I can't be mad at her for very long!

  13. oh yeah! our shih tzu jumps on the coffee table, can't figure out how to get down and then panics!

  14. Hilarious!

    We used to have to be extra careful with any food because our dog would work his way to anywhere if it meant a snack.

    Oh...and my kids react the same way to watching a show while eating. Ridiculous joy.

  15. I love poms, I have a yorkie so I know all about that.


  16. Your dog is SO cute. If I got a dog, that's the kind I'd get. :) But I just have naughty cats--our kitten likes to sleep in our bathroom sink. Gross.


    That would be my kitty playing centerpiece on valentines day... gotta love 'em!

  18. That's hilarious and I love your sense of humor.
    I'm the "proud" owner of the rascaliest (it's a word) golden retriever puppy (an 8 month, 50lb. puppy, but still a puppy). She makes me want to scream and laugh at the same time.

    Our house will never be the same. Goodness, the things we do "for the children". Ha!

    Loved this funny post.

  19. Aw, I have a little mischievous Pom! They sure can get into trouble in the 5 seconds you turn around to do something else. His little face always melts me, though, and I can't stay mad for long haha.


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