Thursday, October 27, 2011

Paper Towel Roll Party Favor

Today is filled with kindergarten drop-off, Bible study, kindergarten pick-up, and a trip to the Richmond airport to meet my sister and niece. I was hunting for a post to share with you today, and realized that I never posted this Paper Towel Roll Party Favor that I shared last Fall at Infarrantly Creative. Great for birthday party goodies, you could easily customize it to fit any holiday theme! I love thrifty party favors.

Today's craft starts with a paper towel roll.
(Crickets chirping) Did I lose you yet? I promise it gets better!

I laid the roll on some 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and cut it to fit the length and enough to go around and just barely overlap on the seams. Some good old Elmer's glue held the paper down just fine, but I placed a strip of Scotch tape on the bottom seam for extra hold.

I inked the edges of the tube with blue ink to coordinate with the paper and then hot glued one end shut.

After filling the favor with treats, I hot glued the other end shut and got to work on some embellishments. I lost my acrylic crown stamp, so I had to draw that on. If you are organized, you could just not lose your stamp and use it, unlike some people.

I closed the other end a different way to see which look I liked better. You can decide for yourself.

I love embellishing stuff.

I had some solid colored papers, clear acrylic stamps, and gift ribbon in my craft stash, so I used those to layer and make a little extra "fluff" for the favor.

I used some scrap paper to make a "ring" to go around the roll:


Again, these would be great for just about any holiday party. Preschoolers everywhere would love you, and you can't beat the price! These didn't cost me a dime.

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  1. Very cute! I love all the details! Our paper towel holders usually get turned into telescopes:)

  2. What a great idea! Super cute and inexpensive...gotta love it!!

  3. Great use of materials most of us have around the house. I'm going to share this with my sister- her kids would love it!

  4. I'd forgotten all about this! I love this project. Party favors are wonderful, I think. My boys always opted to have inexpensive parties at home and provide good favors for their friends rather than having expensive parties elsewhere. They would have loved these.

    I'm thinking that the "mini" size candy bars would be great filler for these (not fun size, but the smaller ones). Those will probably be on sale next Tuesday--wouldn't it be a good idea to grab those when they're on clearance and store them in the freezer until the next birthday party?

  5. I'd forgotten about this project, too. I like that it's easy, inexpensive and can be personalized for any holiday.

    I'm laughing right now after reading Richella's suggestion to buy candy on Tuesday and freeze it for a future party. I KNOW I'd raid my freezer stash over and over and even eat some of that candy frozen! I guess most people would have some restraint but I get desperate for sugar at times.

  6. did you put something inside?

    I remember for one of my birthday parties my mom and I used toilet paper rolls (In Argentina ppl wouldn't think anything bad of it) and did something like but with animal faces, it was amazing!

  7. did you put something inside?

    I remember for one of my birthday parties my mom and I used toilet paper rolls (In Argentina ppl wouldn't think anything bad of it) and did something like but with animal faces, it was amazing!

  8. Cute party favor idea! Will have to pass this idea along to my daughter-in-laws for my grand-kids!! nice blog btw!

  9. I'm confused, which isn't really a surprise because I am not a mom, nor am i creative with this kind of thing.

    Is this supposed to be a party favor, like something someone can take home and use, or just something neat to decorate at a party?

    Just wondering, because if I unwrapped a gift and found out it was just a toilet paper roll I'd feel jipped.

  10. Oh I remember this! How cute would this be filled with goodies as a stocking stuffer. Heck I might even make some for my co-worker's Christmas gifts :-)

  11. Lula and "Daddy" (no emails on your accounts, so I'll reply here). Yes, I mentioned that I filled the favors with treats. ;)

  12. Really cute idea and great way to upcycle!

  13. I really love how you decorated and embellished the paper towel rolls. Such a neat idea :)

  14. genius and will be a memory the kids will have for a long timvisiting via TTJ and so glad to find your post! would love to have you stop by for my shabby chic giveaway!

    best to you.


  15. Really cute! Looks like so much fun to make and to give! Love the colors and embellishments you used!


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