Thursday, October 20, 2011

Outside Halloween Decorations

I have a few little Halloween touches outside my house right now....

This sums up how I've felt on and off this week:

If I could just find my broomstick, I'd ride off to Target and maybe feel better after a jaunt through the Dollar Spot. I'm barely kidding....

I do love the glittery orange with my pink wave petunias. I can't believe they've lasted this long!

I have this cute little ceramic pumpkin house next to the front door right now, along with a faux pumpkin. Our real pumpkins from our Pumpkin Patch Trip are on the other side of the steps.

Here's a quick look at the front "porch" area.

I've got my Vinyl "Welcome" Sign and Halloween Wreath up, along with a little glitter sign I got for free from Kohl's using my Kohl's Cash and a couponn. I dressed it up with some glittery purple ribbon:

The whole area really needs some sprucing up, but this time of year leaves us a very small budget. Short of letting Natalie choose her own pumpkin from the patch, I don't think that I'll be able to add much more this year. I have two large planters up near the edge of the sidewalk. I'd love to have something taller to flank either side of the front door--I love me some symmetry!

Any (nice) suggestions?

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  1. Hey Amanda! Love all your festive touches. Hay bales and corn stalks are quite inexpensive, and would add some height and dimension. Oh, and can I join the club? It's been one of those weeks here too.

  2. I think things are looking great outside your house!

    Sometimes garden centers will have nice tall (but not very big) bushes for sale for cheap. I've put them in planters for the winter before. They're made to go in the ground, of course, but they can go in a big pot.

    I've also cut branches from pines, cedars, firs, spruces--all kinds of evergreens--and just kind of poked them in the dirt of my planters. You could probably find some cool sticks to go in the center of that to add even more height.

    So glad Beckie's tribute to you came during a week when you really needed it! You deserve it, that's for sure!

  3. When all the Halloween stuff goes on clearance, buy up a couple of those fake pumpkins. You can stack them up and put them in the planters to add some height. I know that doesn't help this year though:) Corn stalks is a great suggestion that won't cost too much...maybe tie them up with a big colorful bow.

  4. Oh my how I love that little decorative flag...where did you find such a cute thing? Love it! And, I admit, I have been a little like that this week too :/

  5. That flag is hilarious. I would have to say that the shoes are fitting me. ;)

    And I think your front porch looks adorable. I love the ceramic pumpkin.

  6. So cute, Amanda! I have to share this with you - back when I worked in a craft store as the floral/display designer my son (then 9) complained that I never decorated our house - just the store. I felt so bad. So I ran over to the store that night (day before Halloween) & grabbed some old displays I had made that were being thrown out - just cardboard tombstones and fences I had sprayed with Fleckstone ;) - and propped them up in my yard w/some spiderwebs. He was sooo happy.

    It takes so little to make the kids happy. Truly. After that, I made sure my own house had a little sumpin' for each season!

  7. So cute! I always forget about my Kohls cash and they expire! :-( I love the "if the shoes fit"! That should be fairly easy to make. I might try that someday.

  8. Last year I bought a BUNCH of stuff at Tarjay after Halloween and tucked it up and away and forgot all about it. It was like opening a treasure chest this week - tee shirts, signs, party much fun I might do that every year! Try it! Cheap(er) thrills!

  9. I hear you on zero budget for Halloween decor...have you seen the price of candy...yowch!
    Do you have chairs on you back patio? Or maybe a pair of thrifted chairs hanging around...I think that a chair on the front porch is always so welcoming, and makes a great spot to display festive stuffs.
    It looks nice the way it is,and leaves plenty of room for trick or treaters!

  10. I like alanna rose's suggestion for a chair! Hmmm....a cozy addition.

    Girl, maybe it's the weather, but I feel "off" this week, too! My hubby gets home tonight from a trip and I'm sitting here thinking, "I better take a shower and pick this place up so he doesn't see how we REALLY live when he's away!" hahaha

    Wish you were coming to Relevant'11!

  11. Hey girl. I love all your cute little signs. I feel ya on the shoe fits sign. ;) My favorite is the Boo! sign in the flowers. Cute!

    As for suggestions, shop around your home for something you can put your pumpkins on to bring a little height and help show them off a little more.

    I'm using a clay pot for one of mine this year. An upside down wire basket a stack of rocks or wood scraps or anything like that could work, too. OR just put one of the pumpkins up on the step.

    I posted today for the first time in over a month - gah! I hope to be feeling normal again sometime soon. I'm going to join your party tomorrow!

  12. so I love IC and since she's said such nice words I just had to visit and I'm so glad I did! That ceramic pumpkin with the little doors and windows is super fun!

  13. I love your Halloween decorations and it doesn't look sparce at all. I know what it's like having a tight budget, we had to be very frugal with out halloween decorations, but it works for us. My daughter and her friend decided to draw spiders and pumpkins with chalk on our sidewalk. It's cute :)

  14. I think your house looks quite festive and honestly see no need to go out each year to buy a bunch of "stuff" for each holiday. Your Cinderella look pumpkin is so cute and unique!

    Sorry you've had a bad week and hope that the weekend will be a good one for you!


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