Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Table Rough Draft

I'm feeling good about hosting my first Thanksgiving, and I yesterday I thought it might be fun to see how I might set my table up for Thursday's "big game."

I should begin with a disclaimer: I still haven't painted the dining room, my Decorating Dilemmas curio cabinet got shoved into a corner of the room to make way for a new thrifty find, my table isn't formal, and my "china" is a hand-me-down set that my Nannie got tired of in the 70s and gave to me a few years back.

Because my "china" has old lady blue roses on it, I thought it might be fun to do a blue and brown table to try and get some semblance of a theme in the dining room.

I started with the bare table:

Then I added a $10 table cloth (yes, I know it needs to be ironed) from Wal-Mart and a scrap of burlap from my fabric stash as a "runner."

The burlap was too long, so I just tucked the ends up...

I added another layer with some chocolate brown placemats, also from Wal-Mart. $2 each, I believe.

On to the dishes:

I don't have any fine silver, so I wrapped our every day silverware in brown fabric napkins (also from Wal-Mart!) and tied them with twine.

For my Centerpiece, I grabbed my small glass "Thankful for His Grace" hurricane from Blessings Unlimited and some twiggy pumpkins from Target's Dollar Spot.

I'm going to ask my mom if I can borrow her crystal water glasses, and I have some cute brown and blue scrapbook paper that I might try to make some place cards with, but this is just the "rough draft."

Our menu is coming together, and I have a lot of the shopping done.

My sister-in-laws and I are dividing up the meal:

Turkey-Me (we bought it, T's parents will fry it for us before they leave town)
Ham- Me
Green Bean Casserole- SuSu
Homemade Macaroni and Cheese- Deanna
Cornbread Dressing- Me
Corn Casserole- SuSu
Sausage Dressing- Me
Gravy- SuSu
Bread- Me
Cranberry Sauce- SuSu
Pecan, Pumpkin Pies, Ice Cream- Me
Apple Pie- Deanna

I also bought some apple cider to sip on throughout the day as we cook and watch the parade. Should be a blast!

{How are your Thanksgiving plans shaping up?}

*Megan over at Honey, We're Home is featuring my Black Friday post today. Hope you'll leave me some comment love there if you have a chance. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh, Amanda!!!! It looks beautiful!!!! :D You are doing a fantastic job! How lovely! Now...RELAX and enjoy your time cooking and visiting with your family. That's the important rule...if you don't relax and have fun while you are doing it, its not worth it.


    Mary Joy

  2. Gorgeous! I love the combo of blue and brown!

    I saw those placemats at Walmart and should have snapped them up :)

    I plan on using burlap..but our colors will be browns, oranges with gold and silver--all natural elements - leaves, sticks, pine cones.

  3. I must have forgotten you had that china! It's not old lady at all I love it!

  4. Your table is going to be terrific! And I love that china!!! Not old lady looking...beautiful!! My plans are going to kids house with the grandkids all around. Will be fabulous! I have all the fixings and they will do the cooking. Good deal all around!

  5. I love how your table looks! You don't have to have super fancy stuff for something to look elegant and beautiful! I hope you have a great time hosting your first Thanksgiving. I look forward to hosting my own someday! :)

  6. Looking good! Great idea to add brown with the blue.

  7. Looking good Amanda! I'm so impressed you're using real china. One of these days I'll drag mine out of the tissue in the cabinet. HA! Love that hurricane with the pumpkins in it. Sooo cute! Hope y'all have a great time! I'm looking forward to our fried turkey too. YUM!

  8. Your table looks wonderful. I think the dishes are really pretty.

  9. It's coming together nicely! How fun. Makes me wish we were hosting Thanksgiving this year, sigh.

  10. Very beautiful!!! I love the rustic burlap and twine along with the pretty china! Way to go!!!

  11. I love it. I was thinking, maybe some blueberries? But, I love the idea of blue place cards.

    I have my grandmother's old china, and you are right it is not as versatile, but it is such a blessing to have the history at the table. I think the blue is beautiful.

  12. Amanda, I love the silverware wrapped in napkins and tied. Very casual chic and Thanksgiving-y! And pretty china. I love brown and blue together (:

  13. Amanda, I love the silverware wrapped in napkins and tied. Very casual chic and Thanksgiving-y! And pretty china. I love brown and blue together (:

  14. LOVE the table! Everything looks great! Be sure to take lots of pictures on the big day of the finished product. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family. Oh, P.S. I may or may not have slipped something in the mail to you to help keep you looking fab as you shop on Black Friday. ;-P And no, I'm not a stalker I promise, I just had your address saved in my phone from the time we were going to do crochet lessons, HAHA! And I'm still ready & willing to do them too just let me know when is good for you friend :-D

  15. Looks like it's all coming together very nicely! I always need to iron everything too. Have a lovely Thanksgiving Day!

  16. I love the color scheme...blue and brown is my favorite color combination, that is what my bedroom is done in! I also really like the burlap runner! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving...I am hosting it at my house as well :)

  17. I LOVE your china! I is very elegant and I don't think it looks old lady at all. What brand is it?

    Your table looks great with the blues and browns together. I love how you tied your napkins with twine.

    Your meal sounds SO good!!

  18. Your china is so pretty! Good luck with everything! I know it will be fab!


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