Monday, November 15, 2010

My "First" Thanksgiving and a Recipe Round-Up!

It's official! After some, ah, discussions and negotiations, T and I have decided to stay in the 'Burg for Thanksgiving this year. This is a feat I have managed only twice in our 9 years of marriage. This year, there is a little difference....

I get to host Thanksgiving dinner for the first time!

I am beyond excited, y'all. It's taken me a long time to get T to understand how important things like this are to me. I still don't think he quite *gets* it, but it means the world to me to be able to stay home this year and make some fun memories with our girls. T's extended family is wonderful, but I am glad to be able to do things my way this time!

My brother, Jamie, and his wife, "SuSu" (as my girls call her), will mostly likely be joining us. I'm hoping T's youngest brother and sister will also celebrate Thanksgiving at our house. I'm anticipating a nice, quiet day for the guys to watch football while the girls watch the parade and cook.

Speaking of cooking....I think SuSu has the turkey covered, and I have a great dressing recipe (that's stuffing in a pan for my "Yankee" readers). And that's pretty much where things end.

I was hoping you all could help me out, so I'm hosting a Thanksgiving Recipe Round-Up!

Link up your best Thanksgiving/family recipes, tips, and tricks. Anything related to Thanksgiving will do. You can link up an old post, or write something new. I'll leave the linky up until Friday and hopefully we'll have a nice little resource fair going on here.

If you'd like to use my button or a link back to me, that would be nice, but not required.
Serenity Now Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up

Join the party here!

Thanks for helping a Thanksgiving hostess newbie out!


  1. I tried to link up but don't see my link ;(

  2. Hi Amanda! I tried posting my link two different times but it doesn't appear to have worked. I wanted to share my creamy scalloped potatoes recipe that I make for Thanksgiving every year - They are so, SO easy to make...a great recipe to throw together while you are busy cooking all the other stuff. Anyway, I just wanted to share my link because it's a really good recipe! :)


  3. Yay for hosting Thanksgiving! I've never hosted a family Thanksgiving before, but I did do one for a bunch of my hubby's roomates back when we were in college:) We all stayed at school to watch a football game, so the only homecooking they got was my sad excuse for Thanksgiving dinner!!

  4. I don't have a post to link to, but here's a fresh cranberry relish I make every year:
    In a food processor, chop 1 pkg cranberries, combine w/ 1 cup sugar.
    In processor, chop one peeled orange and 1/2 of the orange rind.
    Combine all w/ 1 cup pecans.

  5. Amanda I wanted to post my waldorf salad recipe

  6. So excited for you! I've only hosted it once, for about 16 people. It was fun, but I sure learned I need more serving stuff!

    I'm linking up my Hot Corn recipe. I posted it as an Easter recipe, but we eat it every holiday! It's sooo yummy!

  7. I so understand wanting to create your own family traditions with your family at YOUR house.

    I finally put my foot down a couple of years ago about being at our house for Christmas morning.

    I posted last week about a couple of recipes we always have at Thanksgiving when we celebrate with my husband's family. They are not traditional recipes at all. So if anyone is wanting something "different" then these might be for you. =)

    I'll be coming back to check out all the link-ups. I'm a lover of recipes!!

  8. Yay! How fun! I LOVE hosting events too and family events plus a Holiday even better. Hmmm, I'm not one to post recipes and I'm not sure I even would have a 'wow' Thanksgiving entry at that. But I am looking forward to seeing what you round up here on your site! How fun.

  9. I know that you are relieved to get to stay home for Thanksgiving. I'll look around for a recipe to share when I get home. I look forward to seeing what people link up. It's always good to have new recipes to try.

  10. It will be so nice to get to stay home and celebrate Thanksgiving at your house. I've yet to have one here- my parents and Jimmy's sister always host.

  11. So happy you will be getting to stay home and host Thanksgiving! I do each year and actually prefer it that way. We keep it pretty simple with just my parents joining my family of 4.

    I have 2 recipes to share with you. Tried linking up but don't see that either one is showing up.
    Here are the links...

    Hope you find lots of inspiration! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone posts too :)

  12. I don't have any links to share:(
    But I am excited for you. I know exactly how you feel wanting to host it yourself.

  13. What a fun idea for a link up...I could use some ideas.
    I'm having Thanksgiving at our house for the first time too :)

  14. Ha I just wrote a post today about what I learned from last year (when I hosted for the first time) and that was to prepare as much as possible ahead of time! This week I am getting my linens and dishes organized and ready. Last Thanksgiving I was scrambling and ended up short.

  15. Hope you are doing well Miss Amanda :) Miss ya darling xoxox

  16. Oh you are going love it! Thanksgiving has become such a favorite holiday around here because of all the family time with my little ones. It's too short of a holiday to travel, so we just make it fun for us!

  17. I have hosted for 15ish people for several years. It's fun to be the host. Just don't wear yourself out!

    I am also hosting a Practice Hospitality party on Tuesday and shared a recipe there that I LOVE! Paula Deen - can't go wrong there. Hopefully I'll get some participants to link up and we'll have resources there, too!

    Good luck!

  18. I don't have a post on it, but I LOVE Our Best Bites rolls...they also have delicious recipes for everything else...
    Good luck~we're going up to Massannutten for Thanksgiving with my husband's parents..have you ever been??

  19. This is a great idea, Amanda. I'll be back with something to link up if I can get my act together. Of course, my "act" seems awfully unwieldy these days. . . ugh!

    I'm so excited for you to get to host Thanksgiving at your house!!

  20. Oh, girl, I came right back and linked up when I remembered my Baked Apricot recipe. Seriously, it is the BEST side dish--simple, but delicious. Really, really good. It's the recipe for which I get rave reviews every time. :)

    Love ya!

  21. How exciting for you! It's so fun hosting. I linked up. :)

  22. I'm late to the party but here's my addition: Crack Pie. It's totally crack, y'all (I can say that because my hubby is a true Southerner). If you don't like pumpkin pie this is the one for you (:

  23. Hey Amanda! I don't have a blog post to link up (I'd be too late anyway), but just wanted to share this recipe for cranberry sauce I made tonight. It's SUPER easy and I've only taste tested a little bit of it, but I'd say it's quite good!

    Good luck with your Thanksgiving hostessing!


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