Saturday, November 27, 2010

Do the Holiday Hustle

What did Natalie say after viewing our Christmas Jib Jab?

"Wow, we are cool!"

If she can still say that in about 11 years, I'll be so pleased. For now, let's start the Christmas season off with a bang!

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Today is clean up day so we can get the Christmas decorations out!

{How is your weekend starting out?}


Dawn said...

the girls and i did this on a snow day last year and i don't ever think i've laughed so hard-we were all crying-yes, even my then 12 year old thought it was hysterical! they all still mention it from time to time and i'm sure they'll want to do it again. too funny!

slommler said...

Same way!! Getting things put away so I can put up all the Christmas decorations. A fun and productive day I hope!
I have a fire going and fresh coffee so I am off to a good start!!

Ashley | Domestic Fashionista said...

LOL! love these! And I like how somehow you lost all the color pigment in your face! ;)

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