Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Shopping Scores

How's the weekend going, friends? I managed to sneak some extra shopping in yesterday, as well as peruse the list of links for this week's Weekend Bloggy Reading. The party will be open until 10 pm (ET) tonight, so be sure to link up your favorite post of the week after reading my simple (!) guideline for joining in.

Most important things first. The shoes. Check these babies out!
J'adore those ruffles!!! Payless was having their Buy One, Get One Half Off sale, so my friend Nicole and I oohed and aahed over majorly cute boots, flats, and heels.

And I finally found Natalie some brown school shoes that are not covered in glitter, rhinestones, or blinking lights:

I mentioned on Friday that I was going to get to shop the local children's consignment sale without kids in tow, and T made that possible by staying home with the girls. I headed off to the local Expo Center with a laundry shopping basket under my arm and came home with goodies.

The girls shrieked with excitement over the new clothes while T just rolled his eyes over the girlie display of enthusiasm. I don't know where they get it.

Most of what I found was in the $5 range, and almost all of it was for Natalie. Here's a little peak at a few of the cutest things.

Preschool outfits:

Winter wear:

Christmas dresses:

And this precious Land's End winter nightgown with puppy dogs:
Two thumbs up for me...I've already washed, dried, and folded everything! Putting it away is another story....

{Have you found any clothing or accessory bargains lately?}

Hope to see you for Weekend Bloggy Reading this week or maybe next!
Weekend Bloggy Reading

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  1. Cute clothes! I love consignment sales. I actually did get some great buys on clothes last week for my daughters for back to school. I got skinny stretchy jeans for my 16 year old for $12 a pair and $8 flats from Target. I was planning to do a back to school fashion post this week. :)

  2. You scored a bunch of cute stuff!
    Nothing fab here...but the weekend isn't over yet :)

  3. very cute clothes! My daughter's best friend is a year older and she had a growth spurt so we ended up with a lot of cute clothes for free.
    I got some shoes at Payless last week too - love the buy one get one free.

  4. Crap! I won something!!! I was coming to leave you a comment and their was my name! Hot dog!!! I will email you!

    Well, I hit up the consignment shop Thursday and scored! I blogged about it!

    You did really well! I can't wait for our seasonal sales start! I rack up at those! If I had girls I would be so broke!

    Thank you again Amanda!

  5. The clothes and shoes are adorable! I wish I could go shopping, but since pay day isn't until next week I will have to practice some self control!

  6. Fun finds!! We have done a little shopping but not as much as we need to! I am going to be out labor day weekend! yikes!

  7. I can't pick a favorite among Natalie's new clothes, they are all so cute! I love your new shoes, too. I didn't do any shopping this weekend other than the grocery store, so there's no exciting bargain for me to share with you.

  8. Such cute outfits! You have the best luck at scoring deals for your cuties! :-)

  9. Adorable clothing!!! I hate putting away too! Ha!
    Love the plaid shoes...those are yummy!!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend. I did too!! Sorry it is over now!

  10. I went to a big mom to mom resale on Saturday too. We got there around 5:45 and sat in line until 8. It's sortof a fun little ritual. I got some great stuff too. I haven't had to buy Jaxon clothes from a store since I've gone to that sale. I love the thrill!! I am going to be doing the Esther study by Beth Moore. I'll have to do a post soon with my mops decor, so you and others can see what I came up with. How's your groups planning coming along?


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