Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: It's Chic to Be Cheap

I had to share a story of a Thrifty Little Blessing that I experienced this week!

When I knew that I'd have two girls whose birthday months were December and January, I assumed I'd be set for life as far as clothes go. Whatever Natalie wore, I'd just save for Michaela Byrd.

Fast forward two and a half years, and I realized a few weeks ago that most of the Fall/Winter clothes I've saved for Michaela Byrd to wear this year probably won't fit until next year because she's so much smaller than her older sister was at that age. I grumbled to myself about it, but planned to hit the area's largest kids' consignment sale this weekend to find some stuff for the bebe.

When I picked Natalie up from Sunday School on Sunday morning, her teacher (a really sweet retired lady who is involved in ladies' Bible study) said her daughter recently gave her a bag of girlie clothes to gift to someone. She knew I had another little one and wondered if I might need any 2T clothes.

Um, yes, please!

Mrs. S met us in the church parking lot on Tuesday and gave me a bag with some absolutely adorable outfits for Michaela Byrd. My mini-fashionista wanted to tear through the bag immediately, but we waited until we got home.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Michaela Byrd loves dresses. We have "disagreements" every morning over whether or not she's going to wear a dress. We were both excited to see some new dresses!

And how cute are the little jacket and the puffy vest? I die!

It might not seem like a big deal, but the gift from Mrs. S touched my heart because out of the several thousand members in our church, God placed her in Natalie's class last Sunday and led her to approach me about the clothes.

It was a Thrifty Little (Big) Blessing.

{Have you ever been surprised by a blessing?}

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  1. That's the best! At our previous church there was a family who had boy, boy, girl just like us, but a couple years ahead. She used to give me bags of clothes every season, and for the girl especially she was a clothes horse! We've still got a few things of hers, but we're almost to the end. Bummer.

  2. They are so precious! What a blessing. This brought memories of 10+ years for me. The girl that would hand them down to us, required "to give my son" a kiss on the cheek, of course she had her lipstick on! He endured it because he was so excited to tear into the bags. Thanks for sharing your blessing.

  3. I love those sweet outfits! So cute! I think your blog is great! I am going to pass this sweet blog to my good friend, Amy...Stop in to Screaming Meme for a visit anytime! Meme

  4. I've been so lucky with others giving us clothes got some real cute son is the one who is going to need some things this winter!

  5. YES! Thank you, Lord! And thank you, Amanda, for recognizing this as a blessing and sharing it with us. It's uplifting to everyone's faith to read a story like this. :)

    And you got some very, very cute things, by the way. My two oldest are exactly 25 months apart. so I had great plans for hand-me-downs, too. . . and then my second son grew. . . and grew. . . and grew. He's now 6'9" while his "big" brother is 5'9". Needless to say, hand-me-downs only worked for a very short while!

  6. I love hand me downs! The boys next door wears Abercrombie (however the heck that is spelled) which I will not pay for. So, my oldest eagerly awaits the biannual bag of "cool clothes"!

  7. Amen Sista. God is good! He always provides! I'm actually planning what may be a linky party on Blessings like this.

    Cute outfits too! Those sailor pants in the top picture are precious!!!! Cute dresses too!

  8. How sweet! I love little blessings like that! Michaela is going to be stylin! :-D

  9. What a blessing! We get boxes of clothes every season from my husband's brother who has 2 boys a couple years older than our boys. It makes all the difference--we could never buy them as many nice clothes as they get for free! Thanks for sharing your story.

  10. Cute things! I'll bet that Mrs. S. would be thrilled to know how very much you like and appreciate these adorable outfits. I just love little girl clothes!!

  11. Those little dresses are adorable and the little jackets to match look perfect for fall. I know what you mean about unexpected blessings. It makes us remember that God is watching and has ways of giving us our hearts desires-both big and small.

  12. These are adorable, Amanda. And, how exciting for your little one, too. She will look too darn cute in those dresses. And, I'm a sucker for a puffy vest. I have four (or maybe 5) myself. ;)

  13. This is what I refer to as a "God thing". You know. :) Definitely a blessing. And such CUTE clothes, so colorful. My granddaughter received bags and bags of hand me downs when she was born. It was so much fun going through everything.

  14. What a sweet thrifty little blessing, for sure! Not only were you gifted with some adorable clothes for your precious girl, you were also gifted with random love and kindness. Even better!


  15. We have a group on Yahoo for our church members/regular attends that is a freecycle group. It has definitely blessed a lot of us...many who have no money to buy extra things can post their needs or those who need to clear out their clutter post their stuff and God has used that deficit to be filled! It's been amazing to see it flourish...and I'd much rather give a nice something around the house to someone who needed to at church than to sell it!

  16. The little blue sailor pants are too much!!!

    We live on a street full of boys, and everyone brings me hand-me-downs. I love it!

  17. What a blessing! We've received hand me downs over the years too. It is a wonderful surprise and helps so much! Those outfits are adorable!!! I'm working on organzing my two's hand-me downs for our new nephew and one of my Husband cousins just had a baby girl. I also love sharing the blessing!


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