Monday, July 5, 2010

Stars and Stripes and S'Mores and More

Our 4th of July began not with a trip to church, but with a morning at home waiting for the cable guy to show up. Really.

Things looked up by mid afternoon. We made some Devilishly Good Cupcakes (seriously amazing!)

and put on some red, white, and blue to show our spirit!

T's boss invited us over for a cookout and fireworks with his family, so we headed over just as the burgers and hot dogs were hot off the grill!

My friends April and John-David (some of my best New York Trip friends!) were there and we had a blast watching my girls and April's little boy romp through the backyard. The little man is a year younger than Natalie, but they really hit it off.

There may have been some hand-holding, much to T's dismay.
The adults sat under the gazebo and watched the little ones enjoy the sparklers and try their hand at S'Mores.
But some people who take after their mamas only have eyes for cupcakes.
Can you blame her?

So...not a bad Independence Day. We got our cable back (I think T was about to have a coronary from the missed World Cup games), ate some cupcakes, and watched some back yard fireworks.

The American Dream, right?

{How was your 4th of July?}

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  1. It sounds like you had a very nice 4th. Your cupcakes look devilishly delish. I've got to check out your recipe. Natalie's dress is SO cute. Will you save it for MB?

  2. What a wonderful 4th, even if it started with a bad start. Those cupcakes look amazing! I unfortunatly don't have time or a plan to post about our 4th. (I'm such a plan girl). But I hope a comment about it will be okay. We did make it to Church, then it was home for lots of family fun (and naps:-)). Then it was a simple cookout and we headed off to enjoy some area fireworks. It was the kids first firework show and the LOVED it. Made all the trecking and crowds worth it.
    I enjoyed watching my kids watch the fireworks more than watching the fireworks!

  3. Amanda, it looks like you guys had a great 4th! Watermelon, cupcakes and sparklers!! What a great way to spend the holiday :)

  4. YUMM-O!!! Those cupcakes look so good! Im going to check out that recipe! We made Smore cups instead this year.... little too windy for a fire!
    Looks like you all had a great time!

  5. My 4th of July is still rockin' since the Big Guy has off work today. We had a nice family picnic, some illegal fireworks, and too much good food :)

  6. Are you reading my mind? I posted a linky party, too! AND we had problems with our cable and internet yesterday and today or I would have posted earlier. The dude came today and we have to schedule a bigger appointment to have our line replaced on Friday - ugh. It's hit and miss here on tv, phone, and internet until then.

    Anyway - those cupcakes do look delicious. That is the best cake mix. I use it for several recipes.

    Looks like y'all had a good one, too!

  7. Your girls are so cute! The cupcakes look amazing! And what is it with little girls and boys?!? My 3 year old looked like a love-struck 13 year old earlier this week, throwing her head back laughing at everything the 4 year old boy said, I thought I had at least another 9 years until I had to worry about little boys! Looks like you had a marvelous time!

  8. Your little one looks just like you!- Adorable in her dress:)

  9. Those cupcakes look so good! Yum! So sorry you had to wait for the cable guy - that is the worst!!

    Glad you had a good Fourth though!


  10. I had a great 4th! Yours sounds and looks fantastic!!

  11. Wow, as a cupcake lover, those looked delicious!

    Happy belated 4th!

    In no particular order, we cooked out, hit the Slip n Slide, enjoyed friends and family and shot off some fireworks!

  12. P.S. Here's something that always cracks me up... You can buy fireworks in Ohio, but you have 24 hours to transport them out of the state. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I'm sure a lot of people who were "supposed" to be in Myrtle Beach this weekend were shooting off fireworks in their own backyards. LOL.

  13. Sounds like a fantastic day. I LOVE Independence Day!

    Also...I totally love cupcakes more than S'mores!!


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