Monday, July 19, 2010

More Outdoor Mini-Makeovers

Maybe I'm alone in my thinking, but lately I've been feeling that you don't have to spend a lot of money or have a huge-gigantic-enormous transformation to makeover a space and take it from blah to "aaah."

We're a long way from "aaah" here at the T house, but I did spend some time in the back yard this weekend, just in time to link up to the return of Kimba's DIY Day and a new party over at Craft-O-Maniac.

There's a particularly blah spot just to the left of our deck.
If you have a spot at our patio table, you have a stunning view of our fancy chain link fence, a rocky patch, and a random bit of black tarp that the old trashy ghetto neighbors left nailed to our side of their fence. T's stick pile provides a nice ambiance as well. (We live in a neighborhood with tons of large old trees, and stray branches after big storms are a given. I'll give him a pass.)

I decided to do a little something with the rocky patch, so I picked up two plastic lawn chairs at Wal-Mart for something like $10 apiece. I liked that they had a bit of "woven" texture on the backs, and I also liked the color. They're not new adirondacks, but they'll do.
I looked everywhere (thrift shops, yard sales, WM, Target, Joann Fabric) for something small and metal and cheap to use as a side table, but no luck. I ended up splurging and buying a hot little white plastic table from Target's summer clearance aisle for $7. Stuck a little lantern from Target's Dollar Spot on top just to fill up space and detract from the stick pile, honestly. Is it working?
I figured the fire pit would be more suited to the rocks as opposed to the flammable deck. A nice spot to make S'Mores or to sit by the fire when the weather grows cool.

The patio table was feeling a little blah too.

I used some of my birthday money to buy the set from Lowe's in the Spring, but the all-black look was getting old. I snatched the last 4 cushions in this pattern from Target the other day:

Wal-Mart had some neat tiki torches for $6 each. This one still has the plastic on it, but you get the idea:

A strip of burlap and some "fluff" round out our picnic table.

Finally, our poor, battered back door needed a little pick-me-up, so I made this wreath:
This post is getting way too long, so I'll share how I made it another day. It involves pizza, so it must be good.

So...nothing earth shattering, but it made things a bit more homey in the back yard.

If you have Progress to share on a project (whether it's decorating, crafting, or a personal venture), I hope you'll think about linking it up to the next Show Me the Progress party!

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  1. Good morning, Amanda! I love what you did with your outdoor makeover!!! It is SO cheery and simple. You are once again motivating me to get on the stick and figure out something special to do with our backyard. I haven't gotten that far in the unpacking but must soon! Your spot looks so friendly! Thanks for sharing it!!!

  2. Great simple touches to your backyard to make it more functional and enjoyable! I'm with you on little things and touches can add up-

  3. I love all the little touches that you added! Our backyard has been overtaken by sand toys and bicycles lately.

  4. I love how pretty you can make it look - and that you also can totally break it down for us!

  5. Uh, cuteness! Love the wreath and the new furniture. We desperately need to fix up our back yard. I had some clients that wanted to take their family pics inside our home which was very flattering. During the session they asked if they could take a few in our back yard. She was sure that our back yard was just as lovely since she loved the inside of our home…….I had to tell her no! We used the front yard instead. Our back yard is a royal nightmare!
    Happy Monday to ya!

    Kendra "Domestic Princess in Training"

  6. You really spruced things up with just a little bit of effort. I really like your new seat cushions and I'll bet that they make sitting out there even more pleasant.

  7. Much better! The burlap runner is my favorite!

  8. Cute! I love the new patio table & chairs & the cushions are adorable! Great job!

  9. I like what you did. It didn't cost a lot, which is great. But the changes make a big difference. I really like those chair cushions.


  10. Lookin' good girl! I love those lanterns, but I haven't been able to find one that wasn't expensive. I need to check the clearance aisle at Target I guess. I can't believe I haven't been to Target in WEEKS!

    Great job!

  11. Amanda, everything looks wonderful! I love the simplicity. I mean, I'm just like everyone else and I love a mind-blowing makeover but sometimes that just isn't realistic. And this proves that it's the little things that count. You just made a few simple changes and it made a big impact. I need to do that to my patio. Thanks for the inspiration. :) And that wreath is really cute.

  12. Everything looks great!!! "old trashy neighbors" that made me laugh out loud! HA!

    lOVE EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE DONE. love that wreath too.

    I am a newbie at the link party... I changed the characters to 50 so you can write more. That was upon someones request. Thanks so much for your support and linking up. Hugs, Jenn

  13. Love what you did and totally want to know about the wreath and the pizza.

    I think you have done more than you think you have done! Set a couple potted plants around out there, and you are good to go! (Well, eventually, I'm sure you'll find some beautiful adirondacks for a dollar each at a garage sale, but till then, you are good to go!)

  14. The firepit area is wonderful! I can't wait to have one ourselves! I need to keep on the lookout for clearance outdoor items. You scored some wonderful things!

  15. Thanks for visiting me at my blog. Im still fairly new and its so exciting when I have new people popover :) and an added bonus is I found your blog , pretty cool im now following you.

  16. Great finds! You made that firepit look very inviting!!

  17. Oooh I LOVE the wreath! Nice : )

    I just left you an award at my blog to pass on some love. Don't feel obligated to post about it if you find awards annoying or anything though, okay?

    Just wanted you to know I love your blog and you sincerely inspire me. Love ya, girl!


  18. Those cushions are great! Nice little touches that you have around there.

    You should link this up to my Backyard party

  19. Good for you! These are all great additions to your back yard--you've made it so much more homey looking, and it looks like you've done it without breaking the bank. Now that's a thrifty mommy at her best!

    Now all we need is so cooler weather so that you can enjoy your back yard. Sometimes I feel like summers are just for reminding me why I like the autumn. :)

  20. My patio needs a makeover so desperately...

  21. Looks great! Love your "fluff" and that wreath is super cute! :)

  22. Amanda,

    Your yard would be PERFECT for my garden table. Actually, I do use it for a buffet, place for beverages when we have to put the food inside as well as a potting bench. It has been a very useful table-just not all that pretty until this summer. It really is put together with scrap wood very primitively. I can't wait to click around your blog.

  23. Whoa, you're not kidding about the ghetto neighbors! I think I saw them on hoarders:) I love your Target cushions. The firepit is great too.

  24. Looking good! DH is off this week and we are *supposed* to work in the back yard tomorrow. It is a hot mess and I'll be a hot mess with a near 100 degree day expected. Your wreath is sweet and I love the simplicity of the burlap runner.


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