Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thrifty Treasures: Dollar Spot Deals!

I've been meaning to share a few of my recent Target Dollar Spot acquisitions with you, but time got the best of me. Our area Targets still have most, if not all, of these awesome $1 items.

The Dollar Spot is always my first stop when we go to Target. Occasionally, I'll visit my friends at the Starbucks counter first, but it's a very rare occurrence for coffee to win out over amazing deals.

Right now, Target boasts a whole shelf of adorable gift wrap, cards, and gift bags. I brought home several cupcake gift bags and matching cards for some of the 362 parties my girls will be invited to this year. I also grabbed a few rolls of super-cute wrapping paper.
Don't you love the damask-looking print?

I knew my girls would flip if we could have a family night to make S'Mores on T's firepit. The roasting sticks from Target are telescoping, which I think is pretty cool!
The Dollar Spot also featured some cute water rings for kids who like to dive. Natalie prefers to keep her face out of the water, but I bet I might convince her to do some water recon. work with these rings.
If you think a couple of Barbies and a fish toy would be enough to occupy two small children at our neighborhood pool, you'd be wrong. Natalie and Michaela Byrd normally tire of our toy collection after awhile and then go trolling for other kids' stuff. We can sometimes arrange a swap, but I guess it's better to be prepared, like the Boy Scouts. Hopefully those rings will keep them busy for 5 or 2 minutes. And hopefully we won't have to use any of the bandages in the little $1 first aid kit, but I'll have them handy in my bag nonetheless.

Am I alone in my love for the Target Dollar Spot? Have you come across any amazing finds there lately?

Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there! Any big plans for today? I just snuck out to buy T a few Boston Creme-filled donuts...I guess it couldn't hurt that I got a mocha for me.

Enjoy the last bit of weekend!

Linking to Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures party this week.

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  1. I love the Dollar Spot. I usually have very little self control! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. I love the $ spot too!! We go (as a family) on Sundays after breakfast..if I'm lucky, I'll sneak in a trip (or 3) during the week too.

  3. I think the dollar spot is always worth stopping at! When my daughter had her birthday last year, that was where I got all the party favors. They had these great army lunch bags and I filled those up with superman activity books and colored pencils and the girls had hello kitty totes filled with pens, lipgloss and pads of paper. But remember the more kids you invite the more things you have to buy. I think I spent more on the favors than on anything else! We had fun though!

    Have a happy Day!

  4. I love the dollar spot too! I always find the most amazing stuff there! I especially love their buckets!

  5. I bought the same damask paper. So pretty, I couldn't resist.

    Good call on the pool toys. 5 minutes or 2 minutes... lol.

  6. I LOVE the $1 section at Target. I bought those same S'more sticks last year. They are FABULOUS! All of our neighbors were so jealous of them and wanted to find some of their own.

    Thanks for you comment. I got my shutters up on the wall today so check back for the post of what we did with them.

  7. I hear lots of folks talk about shopping at the $1 spot at Target. I don't get in there often enough to find all the good deals. Wish it was a little closer to me. Good finds!

  8. Can you believe we don't have Target in Canada. So sad about that but when I do get to the States I definitely like to go there (and TJ that store too) but haven't lucked out in the dollar section the couple times I've been to one.

    It's fun to see everything you can find there! TFS and for visiting my blog. SO FUN!

  9. I love the Dollar Spot - I might have to check and see if our Target has the pool rings. Our kids love swimming underwater so I've been wanting to get them some of those.

  10. I will have to check out the dollar spot on a Target trip this week. My kids will be in VBS this week so I will have a couple of hours a day kid free :)

  11. I have to just keep on walking. I don't even check there anymore because my spending there got way out of hand!

    I think those roasting thingies are cool, though. May have to fall off the wagon just this one time...

  12. Cute wrapping paper and I need those roasting sticks. Your family will have fun this summer with those. I rarely go to Target so I miss out on all of this good stuff!

  13. Oh man, I love that Dollar Spot at Target, the only problem is I usually end up spending $20 on all my "good deals" Ha!

  14. Amanda, you are speaking my love language right now. Haha! I am powerless to resist the dollar spot at target. I scored some cute wrapping paper recently too & have gotten TONS of stuff from there from, 4th of July decor to vases, candle holders, cards & office supplies for my desk at home. I can't ever leave a target w/out stopping there first. :-)

  15. It's hard to resist one dollar treasure!

  16. Ugh I wish Target was closer -- nice finds thsi week!

  17. I love the dollar spot!! I always get cutesy socks for the girls there.

  18. I love the Dollar Spot. I know several brides who've used items from that area as favors for their weddings and they turned out to be adorable AND cost-effective.

  19. Haha, want to know how many things we scored that are the SAME?

    I too stocked up on giftbags and little cards because of my girls' neverending invites to various b-day parties.

    Also got the weenie roasting sticks!

    AND the first aid kits...handy since my son will start going on scout camps this summer.

    I also scored some WAY cute 4th of july stuff. Glittery tattoos, big salad bowls, straws and little tin buckets. I ADORE Independence Day.

    I always stop at the dollar spot first too!

  20. Hey Sweetie. Better late than never right? I meant to get over here sooner. You lucked up. I can never find deals at the dollar bin that I actually can use. :-) Have a great day.



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