Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Real Plum of a Giveaway from Scentsy!

I have kind of an embarrassing confession to make.

I have no sense of smell.


I can't smell dirty diapers, smelly socks, or garbage. I bet you're thinking, "that's fantastic!"

But I also can't smell Christmas cookies, coffee, or the ocean. Yeah, kind of a bummer, right?

My family teased me for years, thinking I was making a story up for attention. They didn't believe me until T finally convinced them that my nasal disability is the real deal.

So imagine my surprise when Scentsy contacted me to do a product review. Not only was the company okay with my lack of olfaction, but they offered to allow me to share my good fortune with one of my readers!

I was given my choice of a Scentsy warmer and two scents to try out in our home. I went with the "Groovy" White Plug-in and asked the company to recommend two delicious summer scents for me to sample. With over 80 fragrances to choose from, I couldn't make my mind up! The company representative sent me two Scentsy Bars: Plum Delicious and Green Tea Smoothie.
In order to keep my review honest (you can't really expect me to fabricate a review on smells after my disclosure here, can you?), I allowed T and my mom to do the sniff test. I reviewed the product itself and ease of use.

I was very pleased to see that the plug-in came with a lightbulb, so I didn't need to make an extra trip to Wal-Mart with a whiny preschooler and toddler after naptime. The unit was a breeze to put together and fit right into the socket on the kitchen backsplash without being all "Hey! I'm new here! Look at me!"

The scent brick took a bit of work to get apart without tearing, but one block fit perfectly in the top of the warmer. I flipped the little switch on and the area under my kitchen cabinets was instantly bathed in a soft glow.
I love the style of this warmer. Pretty curves and a little quirkiness. Very fun. I'm not kidding when I say that this little plug-in really transformed a rather blah spot in my kitchen!

My mom said she noticed the soft, fruity scent of the Green Tea Smoothie fragrance when she entered our kitchen. T was pleased with what he expressed was a nice, fresh scent. Natalie and Michaela Byrd just liked the "bootiful new nightlight."

To celebrate the summer season that will soon be upon us, Scentsy is offering one of my readers a chance to win the "Groovy" White Plug-in and the Plum Delicious bar.

Here's how you can win!
1. Visit this Scentsy catalog page and leave me a comment here telling me which Plug-in is your favorite. (No cheating and saying "Groovy White" just because I did...haha)
2. Link up (with a valid link!) to my Dishing It! party and get an automatic second entry. The party closes Thursday at 10 pm ET.

This Giveaway will remain open until 5 pm ET on Sunday, June 13th.
Good luck!

{Here's to fantastic summer scents for you and pretty soft lights for me!}

*Disclosure: I received a warmer and two scents for my review. All opinions expressed are my own and that of my family. I was not compensated financially for this review.*
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  1. I'd pick tangerine for sure! I love all citrus scents.

  2. These little bottles are so cute! I love the "Dandy" style and what a word "Dandy" is! I like the lime or the turquoise! My father in-law can't smell either, it's a pain for him. At least you can enjoy how cute it looks in your kitchen!

  3. I like the Waves or the Grotto, so cute!

  4. OK - but I really do like the Groovy White!!! But I like the Sand Dollar plug in also - I have a thing for Sand Dollars.....

  5. I like the Sand Dollar and the Waves (and the Groovy White!)

  6. I like the purple botanical one, but then the cherry dandy one is pretty cute. Oh, they're all pretty cute. I might need on for every room in the house =)

  7. The Taro plug-in is so pretty! Thanks for the chance to win!


  8. Oh I love the green plug-in from the weave collection. It goes perfectly w/ my kitchen :-)

  9. As always thanks for the great blog!!!
    I really like the Dandy Collection in Turqouise..and for scent anything tropical smells good. :)

  10. The Seaside Collection...I love the Scarlett and the Cherry! Beautiful!
    I have a similar smell disability. Many things I just can't smell and there are a few things that I can. Weird!!

  11. I like the Weave Collection (denim) or the Waves-scarlet.

  12. I like the Green Weaves. It would go anywhere.

  13. mmmm scentsy. that is a total bummer you cant smell :( poor you... at least you get to look at your cute warmer! right?! :)
    I have the "taro" warmer right now and I adore it!!! It is so cute when it is all lit up. Im trying to figure out how to re-decorate my toddler boy/guest bathroom right now and am in need of a warmer! Fingers crossed I win :)

  14. I think it's hilarious that you did NOT share how Tim discovered your non-smelling was true...with his feet hahahahaha!

    I like the Dandy cherry (it would go perfect with my kitchen) and yes I love the Groovy white too!

    I've always been partial to the plugins from Bath and Body Works but the girls on the Military blogs I read RAVE about Scentsy so I would really really love to try it and see for myself!

  15. Oh! I've always wanted to try Sentsy (I've heard such good things about them), but don't know anybody who sells it. Here's my chance!!! I love their big warmers best, but for the small plug-ins I'm gonna go w/ the Groovy series, but in brown - very tuscan looking I think! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Have a great day, ~Kristin from Windy Poplars

  16. Amanda I love Scentsy!! I have so many of their wonderful scents and warmers. The warmer you picked does look so pretty in your kitchen!


  17. Don't enter me in the contest, because I have tons of Scentsy stuff. In fact, I have that same warmer plugged into my back splash. I love how it blends right in with my white tiles. I love love love Scentsy. I almost always have it on. Blueberry Cheesecake is my new favorite scent. Sorry, that's sortof a tease since you can't smell. That's such a bummer!! Oh and I got my cart at a thrifty type of shop. Glad you like it!

  18. Scentsy rocks! We got one for my mom last year and we all love it! I would have to go with Weave Collection Green OR Groovy black. Too hard to choose.

    Thanks again for hosting yesterday!!

  19. The Weave Plug-in in scarlet is awesome!! I really want to try the Scentsy products some time. I have heard so much about them!

  20. I like the Dandy Cherry...and the Dandy Lime is pretty cute too!

  21. I really like to Taro style. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!

  22. I'm a fan of the Taro style. Adorable and whimsical.

  23. The Cherry Dandy and the BrownGroovy are my faves. I have given a lot of Scentsy as gifts, but never have enough for myself. The skinny dippin and the camu camu are my fave scents, altho gogo goji is one I'm trying now. it's pretty good, too.

    btw...I'm Robin. So nice to meet you. Found your link on Twitter via Supermom kelli! Would love to come back and read more of you! :)

  24. The plug-in light bulbs are very hard to find! They are not at Wal-mart or Target or Lowe's. Because it's a regular Christmas light bulb, they're rarely found in stores. 15 watt 120V are not common as you think. Black Raspberry Vanilla is my fav!

  25. The Dandy Cherry is my fave. I've been falling in love with red, and this could be the start of a transformation in my kitchen! Thanks for the great blog. I enjoy reading it when I have a chance! Have a fantastic weekend...

  26. I love the Taro--I am just so into the spiky floral outlines lately!
    Nora Baggaley

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