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Countdown to...Black Friday Shopping!

Centsational Girl

I know it's Saturday, so I hope someone out there will read this. (Hello? Bueller?) I have some exciting news!

One of my favorite bloggers, Kate from Centsational Girl, is featuring a new post today that I wrote about Surviving Black Friday Shopping!

If this is your first time visiting, I have a couple of links to some of my favorite posts at the very bottom of this one. If you like it here, I'll hope you'll come back soon.

Please stop by Centsational Girl today and leave some comment love when you have a chance. Kate's blog never disappoints--so many ideas swirling around over there that I don't know how the girl ever sleeps!

In honor of the countdown to Black Friday (which will be my second favorite Friday this year, after Christmas, of course), I thought I'd list the Top 10 things I'll be looking for on Black Friday.

1. A cute tea cup like this one:
My MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group is doing a teacup exchange at our Christmas meeting, and I can't take just any old crusty tea cup. The polka dots on this one are fun.

2. Brown boots.

I love these from Steve Madden.

I'm on the fence with these from Payless, but something about them intrigues me.
Maybe it's the fringe. I could have existential discussions on shoes all day, but then you'd get bored and wouldn't want to come back.

3. A classic white table cloth.
My Ralph Lauren tablecloth was ruined last Christmas Eve when one of my sister-in-laws (I'm not naming names, Deanna) spilled hot chocolate all over it. I've been on the hunt for the perfect replacement. I have Christmas tablescapes dancing in my head!

4. Christmas tree ornaments. I {heart} Christmas tree ornaments, and I give each of my girls one every Christmas.
To be honest, they could care less as they are only 3 1/2 and 22 months, but I love Hallmark's Keepsake Ornaments. They blend in with our mish-mash family tree in the Living room.

5. Something, anything to please my mother. Enough said.

6. A new eyeshadow that does not crease and smear 4 seconds after application.
I'm looking for something neutral. Any suggestions?

7. Something, anything to please my Nannie, who is 98. This means she has had 98 years to accumulate a. lot. of. stuff. She's a tough sell, is all I'm sayin'.

8. A new sweater coat. Love these two from Old Navy. That grape colored one rocks my world.
I could pair the gray one with my skinny jeans.

9. Something, anything to please T (the husband). He's the hardest one on my entire list to buy. His list always includes expensive items related weaponry, sports, expensive tools, or manly gadgets. My budget this year is small. The poor guy may end up with some eyeshadow and a sweater coat. Seriously.

10. Anything Christmas related that catches my eye. If it can make my house look like this, I'm game:
credit: BH&G
Of course, I don't have a fireplace and the picture is missing 68 Fisher Price Loving Family dolls and accessories littering the floor, but you get the idea....

No link ups today for 27 Days of Thankful, but I am thankful today to be featured on one of my favorite blogs. What are you thankful for today?

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Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. i will SO be out on BF, like always. however, i will be in jeans, a sweatshirt and hat. ;o) one must be able to run if the need arises! lol!
    and, as much as i like BF, i really, *really* like the day after christmas (dac) shopping. i get fantastic deals on decor, christmas cards for the next year, toys, etc, that the retailers weren't able to sell. have you done the DAC sales, yet?

  2. that's a good list, I like a mix match of ornaments too. I think I'm skipping the madness of black Friday this year though - our Christmas is going to be small and scaled back this year so I'm just going to wait and shop after Dec 18 when I'm off for my Christmas break (I'm a teacher)

  3. I'm also on the look for a classy table cloth!

    Sweetly Sweet

  4. Hi! Just a suggestion on a neutral eyeshadow with staying power - I like Stila brand in Kitten. It's a soft pink with a bit of shimmer (but not too much!). As for your nanny, I think a good idea would be a gift certificate to get her hair done (don't all older ladies get their hair set?). You could bring her to to the salon and then go to lunch after. Another suggestion, if she still lives on her own (lucky lady, if she does!), would be a gift certificate to the store where she grocery shops. I tend to like useful gifts for the older folks. After all, they don't need any more knick knacks! Good luck!

  5. About the eyeshadow, it's like crack for me. I have more shadows than I'm willing to admit. I'm like you, though. I prefer something neutral. What I'm using the most these days is Physicians Formula matte collection. I can't find it in stores anymore, but sells it. The colors I use are called canyon classics and quartz quartet. There's also another neutral one that I haven't tried yet. All of these are quads and I really love mine!


  6. Congrats on your guest post!
    I avoid black Friday like the plague, myself. But I'd just be by myself if I did go out, and that's no fun!

  7. LOVE the list! I actually blogged about that same sweater from Old navy yesterday lol and got it today for half off...i also buy ornaments for my kids every year and LOVE a good deal. GOOD LUCK

  8. I hopped over from Centsational Girl and I am so happy I did! Love the blog! Great list and FYI: I have the Steve Madden brown boots and they are FAB! I wear them with everything and they are super comfy!

  9. Congrats on the feature! And love your black friday lineup! Good luck!

  10. I cant wait! Look forward to it every year. Its the only day I can wake up at 3 am without a problem. Nothing too specific in mind yet... I've got to go over what we've already purchased and what the kids want some more.

  11. Just a thought for your mom and Nanna, how about having your blog printed into a book for them. My parents love to know what we are up to.

  12. Just a thought for your mom and Nanna, how about having your blog printed into a book for them. My parents love to know what we are up to.

  13. Oh how awesome Amanda, i loved your post on CG! Good tips and although I've only shopped oNCe on black Friday, I'm thinking about braving it this year. Love the Steve Madden boots!

  14. Great Black Friday feature! I love those Steve Madden boots and hope you find a smoking deal on them.

  15. I'm not doing Black Friday shopping this year...just going to hang out with the family and decorate the house for Christmas. It's also nice that I really don't need to buy anything--we have a very small family, thank goodness!

  16. I love thee.

    Yay to being featured...can't wait to check it out! Good luck finding all that's on your list!

  17. First of all...congrats on your fabulous article at Centsational Girl!!! I was nodding right along as I read all your tips. I love me some Black Friday shopping!

    Ok...I have THE most amazing eye stuff for you. It is seriously like crack, I am so addicted to it. And I've turned my 3 sisters (who happen to repel makeup) on to it and they swear by it now too. Is the suspense killing you? It is by Urban Decay and it's called Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin (that's the color, FYI). It is a beautiful shimmering champagne color. I wear it alone, but you can layer it too. It stays on all day long, until I scrub my face at midnight each night. It is the most amazing product EVER. The Sephora girl reccomended it to me and she was so right on. I promise you will love it. I'll send you the link in an e-mail!


  18. Let me know if you find the right eyeshadow. I could use some that doesn't do all that you mentioned. You're a brave soul for venturing out into the dark & cold that is black Friday. I usually end up holed up in my house quivering & too scared to leave. I do most of my holiday shopping online in my PJ's :-) but this year Friday will probably have to be spent forcing family who's staying over for Thanksgiving to help me w/ last minute wedding related projects. Haha!

  19. I work at TJ Maxx (in Mid-Michigan) and we have these boots. I'm not certain of the price at the moment but I'm certain I've seen them in our clearance shoe section. Depending on when your local store does markdowns, you may be able to get these for a song.


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