Thursday, November 5, 2009

27 Days of Thankful, #5

Day #5 of my 27 Days of Thankful project. Click on the link to find out how this started and what's going on here each day in November until Thanksgiving Day.
I took the plunge and wore my skinny jeans today.


You know what? I think I pretty much rocked them.

I wore a long, (thigh-length) grey short-sleeved sweater with a long-sleeved white tee underneath. I paired that with some cute silver dangly jewelry, and I was ready to go to the first MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting of November. The sweater covered some problem areas, and made me feel so much more confident...

...Until my friend Erin found the stray curling pin that had fallen out with my roller this morning. No matter. She snagged it before the entire MOPS group spotted my fabulous new hair "accessory."

With the right top on, I'm loving the skinny jean. Wearing them helped me show off these cuties today:

I know, right?

So today, I am thankful for skinny jeans that enable me to share my love of shoes with the world.

{What are you thankful for today?}

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  1. I have been looking for a pair of skinny jeans forever! I would love to rock that look! LOL!

  2. Um, this is not acceptable. I need to see the WHOLE ensemble if you're going to convert me to the skinny jean. So far I am not convinced. ;)

    Hope you're having a fabulous day...2 more days!!!

  3. I bet you looked fabulous! I'm so glad you felt good about yourself even with a hair pin falling out! There's nothing like looking great in something that you were at first skeptical about to make your day a lot brighter. You go girl! :)

  4. I'm afraid I'm going to need a full photo proof of how you looked in those & your grey sweater. ;-) Maybe it'll kill the doubter in me that they're a worthy buy. Haha!

  5. Cute! I wish I could wear heels...balance issues.

  6. You are on a roll with being thankful. By the way thanks again for being one of the first posters to my blog.

  7. I'll bet you looked super cute today for MOPS. I agree that you need to show us the whole ensemble.

  8. I am not a fan of skinny jeans but they do look super cute with the boots! Glad you felt so good today!!

  9. I just found your sweet and lovely blog! I also really wish I could be thankful for skinny jeans and share your overflowing thankfulness! I want to embrace them... I do. I do. But...

    I have these great curvy hips. Skinny jeans and I are not Facebook Friends.


  10. Today I am thankful for Old Navy clearance. I got a shirt for $.97 and two skirts for $2.97 each! I also got a long sweater... maybe I'll need to find some skinny jeans now!

  11. You go girl!!! I love your series and I nominated you for a blog award here: :o)

  12. you looked very cute! head to toe, madame.

  13. Oh I'd LOVE to see the whole outfit!! I'm SCARED to death of skinny jeans (it's ALL my 13yo daughter wears) I would LOVE to have jeans to show off shoes, or tuck into boots - but I'm SCARED! LOL Where did you get yours?


  14. you totally rocked the skinny jeans at the meeting, manda. i'd actually forgotten about the hairpin part :0) when are you wearing your purple steve madden booties???


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