Thursday, September 10, 2009

Goin' to the Chapel

I think this should be my new profile pic. (Please don't stop following my blog.)

Okay, so that's what my hair looked like before the stylist finished with it for my sister's wedding last weekend. But I'll be honest and say that I still looked like Dolly Parton's poodle stuck her paw in a light socket when the stylist was finished.

If you could take a picture of my emotions on Alison and Sam's wedding day, that would be the photo. A wild, bizarre fright with a plastic smile coated on top.

Weddings should be joyful, happy occasions, but I spent the day praying that God would keep my children from causing me great embarrassment. I think He was super busy on account of it being a Sunday and all, because my request was a "no go."

We started the day with hair and make-up in a hotel suite in "Olde Towne." Alison had it open for all the bridesmaids to come and primp before the Burg's trolley (yes, trolley!) came to pick us up.
Alison wanted blue shoes as her "something blue."
The trolley is kind of the "in" thing around here for weddings. I dislike riding with the windows down, and my hair was a huge, kinky, mess. Think Monica Geller in the Bahamas on Friends. But Alison sure looked pretty here, so I had to take a picture.

Natalie gives her auntie a quick kiss before we went upstairs for the ceremony.

Natalie and Michaela Byrd were the flower girls, which is why I spent about 48 hours hyperventilating, wondering if they'd even walk down the aisle. Hinging your big moment on a 3 1/2 year old who is determined to sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" at the altar and 1 1/2 year old who likes to yell "Toot!" is sort of risky, if you ask me.

This is what the church looks like. Alison and Sam rented a church in Olde Towne because they wanted a center aisle, and the church our family attends doesn't have one.

Of course, things would get dicey right before I was supposed to walk through the double doors and down the aisle with Michaela Byrd holding my hand. First, she got mad because I wouldn't give her one of my flowers from my bouquet. Then she decided she didn't want to walk, shrieked at the top of her lungs, yelled "No!" and fell to the floor. The entire congregation could hear, I'm sure.

I completely lost it, and glanced wildly around for help. The wedding coordinator gestured towards the door and said, "Just go ahead and go!"

Refusing to leave her behind, I hauled her by one arm to the door and just started walking. I think the shock of having so many people staring at her caused her to forget her tantrum because she walked sedately down the aisle, holding my hand. At the end, I shoved her at T, who ran out the side door with her, but not until after she spotted my mom and happily shouted, "Mimiiiiiiii!"

Natalie walked down the aisle like a pro, but didn't crack a smile. I think she was too focused. It was during the ceremony that we had issues. Imagine this pose:

In this dress:

Yep, she lounged all over the altar stairs during the ceremony. I tried to nudge her with my foot, but she wouldn't budge.

Party time!

This is the reception site's dining room. Lovely decor, delicious food, great bar, horrible service. The owners have absolutely no people skills. I would not recommend the site just because of them.
Fireplace by the dance floor.

Open bar. This was a popular spot. I spent some time here after the world's most humiliating wedding toast.


Family in town. My aunt Linda (in black) and my mom are on the right.

Here's my cousin Blair and his fianceé, Lauren, who I like to call "Texas Barbie" because she is so pretty. It's really not fair. I'd hate her guts if she wasn't such a sweetheart. I convinced Blair to take me out on the dance floor. We were pretty amazing. I think we'll be trying out for So You Think You Can Dance on the next round.

Don't you love the chairs?

Captain and Mrs. Sam D. Aren't they cute?

Dinner was fab! (sorry for the bad pics) Twice baked potato, chicken wrapped in bacon, rice, mixed vegetables. Delish!

Cake table! They served carrot cake, pecan pie, and chocolate pie.

Pretty toasting glasses. Too bad my toast wasn't as pretty.

Here's my mom and her mom, who is my Nannie.

T and Natalie

Natalie and Michaela Byrd cut a rug on that dance floor! They were not pleased when T tore them away to go home to bed.

Final shot of the night. Me and my Nannie. She can party for a 98 year old!

Hope you enjoyed the wedding. That's what's making me smile (and cringe) this week. Visit Julia at Hooked on Houses to see what everyone else is smiling about this week.

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  1. Well, that's it. I'm taking you off my list. :0) Isn't it amazing what we look like when the stylist first starts teasing and spraying. Loved the photos.

  2. Oh, my goodness, you make me laugh. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding, though! My best friend is getting married in a couple of months and is doing the blue-shoe thing, too. I thought that was such a cool idea.

    Hope you have a great weekend, Amanda! :-)

  3. Looks like a lovely wedding! Looking back is sometimes the best part.

  4. I am sure the bride and groom had a lovely day, bad service screaming flower girl and all!

  5. Oh Amanda! The girls look DARLING! That was a very fun post to read today. The wedding was gorgeous. You just make me laugh about the Dolly Parton light socket thing! LOL! You looked great!

  6. The crazier the wedding (within reason) the funnier the memory. Wedding are great.

  7. Hilarious! Don't kids just HAVE to be little pistols when you're holding out hope for the worries....EVERYONE'S kids do that! Just like when you want them to wave or whatever other little trick you've taught them and they refuse.

    Blessings to you and the sweet couple.


  8. Looks like a beautiful day! I love your new profile picture!

    And, I think lounging all over the alter is perfectly acceptable if you're that cute.

    You should totally be allowed to show the bride up.

    Can't wait to see you on SYTYCD!

  9. LOL! Your first photo is awesome and should totally be your profile pic! Then you'd know who your true blog friends are. ;)
    The reception site was gorgeous! Sorry the service was so bad, but it sure looks pretty. Your sister made a lovely bride. I especially heart her for wearing lovely blue shoes.
    Your girls are adorable and all the little hiccups you listed are the exact reasons I didn't have any children in my wedding. At the reception, yes, but not in the actual ceremony. ;)

  10. I am sure your sister will just look back and laugh. The reception looks beautiful. I love your picture.

  11. Thanks for sharing the pictures! It certainly sounds like a memorable day. The things that don't go as planned sometimes make the best memories.

    Your girls look adorable on the dance floor!

  12. I think the first photo is my favorite. :)

  13. BIG HAIR ROCKS! Here in Connecticut I can't pull that off anymore. :(

  14. You are a hoot!
    Something has to go wrong at every wedding, and your sister got off easy with a lounging 3 yr old. I bet you were the only one worried about it.

  15. Alison is just beautiful, she hasn't changed a bit since the last I remember seeingher. :-) Looks like everyone had a grand time.

  16. Great post. I love interesting wedding stories!


  17. You are soooooooooooo funny!! I know it was a beautiful wedding!!

  18. oooh!! i loved this whole write up. thanks for sharing. love the pics and the caption paragraphs. :0)

  19. You looked GORGEOUS! What are you talking about? And your Nannie, wow 98! I lost mine at only 79 to cancer and would do anything to have her back. So glad you were able to share that day with her!! Happy Weekend lady! xo

  20. You and your sister BOTH looked gorgeous (as did Blair by the way - he's adorable and deserves a beautiful girl on his arm).

    I love weddings and I'm sad that most of my friends are now married off... Thanks for the great pictures.

  21. That looks like the best time ever. Love that pic of you and your teased locks. In the end, you were gorgeous, daaaaahhhhhling.

  22. Sam wants you to do a post on HIS wedding shoes... I love your pictures!

  23. Sam wants you to do a post on HIS wedding shoes... I love your pictures!

  24. Sam wants you to do a post on HIS wedding shoes... I love your pictures!

  25. What a beautiful wedding! So funny about the tantrum, they always know just the right time, eh?? :)

  26. Looks like your sister had a gorgeous wedding! I think I recognize the reception site...I think that was the same place where Ann Garnett had her wedding reception! Beautiful :)

  27. Looks like you had so much fun. I love wedding cake. Just seeing a picture made my mouth water!

  28. I love your write ups of the wedding! :)

    If it makes you feel any better, at my sister's wedding, our little sisters (at the time they were aged 4 & 5), the wedding coordinator taped two bright, shiny quarters to the floor where the little girls were to stand for the ceremony. About 10 minutes in the 4 year old had had it, and decided that sitting on the quarter and spinning around on her bum on the tile (in her lovely flower girl dress, no less) was practically the same thing. At the end of the ceremony, after the bride and groom had walked out, I was trying to wrangle the two little ones (I was maid of honor), and there they were on hands and knees, digging at those quarters. They were simply NOT leaving without them. All of the bridesmaids ducked down to pull them up to intercept any screeching and get the wedding party out! :)

    At the time I thought that we were pretty well ruining my sister's wedding. Turned out, she had no idea that this was even going on.

    In retrospect, it's quite funny. ;)

  29. Everyone & everything was gorgeous. I just LOVE weddings ;)


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