Tuesday, September 15, 2009


In case you thought I was making up the whole toast story, here is my evidence, as emailed me by the Maid of Honor. She received it from an enterprising bridesmaid, who snapped this shot right after Natalie snatched the speech from my hand and disappeared under the table. I believe she is looking up at my furious face in this photo.

And a sweet one, just because....

How can someone who looks so sweet do such horrid things?

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  1. When I was little, my mom sometimes quoted me a poem:

    There was a little girl
    Who had a little curl
    Right in the middle of her forehead.
    When she was good
    She was very, very good
    But when she was bad
    She was horrid!

    That's great that somebody got a picture of it! You will laugh about this before too long.

  2. Oh, Amanda! How funny! I never doubted you for a moment, but it is fun to see the evidence! Best of all, now you can hold it over your sweet baby's head for years to come!! lol Happy week!...Debbie

  3. I ask myself that same question everytime I see my little monkey sleeping.

    The other day she dumped flour all over the dog.

    I guess I will post about that tomorrow.


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