Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Reading List {2015}

In Virginia, Spring Break is timed around Easter, so it's quickly approaching. I thought it would be fun to share my Spring Reading List for 2015 with you today. I've already read a few of these books, but am including them since they did not make it on the Winter Reading List.
A great list of must-read books, perfect for Spring Break! {from Serenity Now}

I'm excited about these titles...I've spent most of my free time reading lately...instead of blogging. With stomach bugs, colds, flu, and viruses making the rounds in our house, I've felt like escaping into a good story at night instead of writing and editing. Here are some of the books I'll be reading this season. 

Unbroken- Laura Hillenbrand

Confession: I finished this yesterday. Had to read it quickly because it's due back at the library, and is a highly sought after book. You may have seen previews for the Angela Jolie-directed film based on the book. It's the true story of Louie Zamperini, an Olympian, American solider, and survivor of Japanese POW camps during World War Two. 

It is one of the most inspiring personal stories I've ever read. Ever. A true testament to the human will, written with an almost cinematic quality to it!

Love the Home You Have- Melissa Michaels

Planning on starting this one tomorrow, and will share a review next week! Just browsing the table contents told me that this book was going to be a must-read for me...and anyone else who struggles with loving their home, just as it is...no comparisons, no wishing for more. 

The Girl on the Train- Paula Hawkins

Book club read for April...finished this one too, and it was a really good read! I love a good "whodunnit". Follows a girl who takes a daily commuter train and sees something suspicious...but is her witness reliable?

The Secret Life of Violet Grant- Beatriz Williams

I loved A Hundred Summers, so I have high hopes for this one. It's billed as a beach tale full of history and family intrigue. 

From Amazon: "Passion, redemption, and a battered suitcase full of secrets: the New York Times-bestselling author of A Hundred Summers returns with another engrossing tale."

Bitter Greens- Kate Forsyth

In short, a retelling of the Rapunzel story. I mean, how could it not be good???

The Emperor's Children- Claire Messud

A chronic judge-a-book-by-the-cover-reader, I picked this one because it looked nice. Amazon lists it as a novel that follows the lives of three friends in good old New York City.

Tyringham Park- Rosemary McLoughlin

The cover looks like Downton Abbey.

Amazon says, "Tyringham Park is the Blackshaws’ magnificent country house in the south of Ireland. It is a haven of wealth and privilege until its peace is shattered by a devastating event which reveals the chaos of jealousy and deceit beneath its surface."

Lisette's List- Susan Vreeland

I spotted this one at the library and snatched it up. Amazon calls it "a richly imagined story of a woman’s awakening in the south of Vichy France—to the power of art, to the beauty of provincial life, and to love in the midst of war."

These should keep me busy for a couple of weeks. I'm sure I'll have a whole new list for you soon!

What's on your Spring Reading List? Please share titles in the comments section!

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