Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My {Humble} Home Goals for 2015

So 2015 is officially in full swing now. I sometimes like to give myself a couple of days at the start of the year to kind of ease into things and contemplate my goals for the year. Now that the older two kids are back to school, I had a chance to sit down and make some Home Goals for 2015. I thought I'd write them up on the blog today. Please feel free to share yours in the comments section!
Setting Home Goals for 2015, from Serenity Now blog

Important Note: These photos show some of the worst of my house. I didn't do any touching up or sprucing. This is real life...I'm excited to show you what I have done, but for now, this is what needs to be fixed!

Family Room

  • Pillows
  • Accent Walls

Pleased to tell you that Operation Family Room (a long, ongoing project for budgetary reasons and previous lack of motivation) is actually in full swing! I completed the gallery wall over the couch and need to blog about it. I have two more walls that need some sprucing and would like to make some pillows to accent the big blue chair. Some day, I'd like to slipcover or replace that chair, budget permitting.

Dining Room

  • Paint!

I finished up two furniture makeovers in the dining room...also need to share those on the blog. My goal for the dining room in 2015 is to get the walls painted! The red was pretty and Southern and classic years ago, but I prefer neutral walls and colorful accents these days. The walls are going gray to match the kitchen.

Addition (New Room/Playroom)

  • Upcycle drapes
  • Wall decor
  • Purge, donate, reorganize toys
  • Complete labeling and sprucing up craft supply area

Even though the we added onto the house six years ago, we still call this area "The New Room" for lack of a better moniker. The room houses most of the kids' toys, books, and all of my craft supplies. After some toy "redistribution" and reorganization, I'd like to add some decorative accents to the space. I have a few ideas. The window panels need a bit of work, and I have a little sprucing to do with the craft area before I can show off the room.


  • Paint bench
  • Purge cabinets
Again, a space I haven't revealed on the blog! With some help from my mother-in-law and mom, the kitchen was painted before Harris was born last year. I also added a gallery wall and some other decor. It's definitely a low budget, mini-makeover, but it made a huge difference...even though we can't afford new flooring, new cabinetry, or a new backsplash. We work with what we have!

The only things I really need to do in the kitchen this year are paint my bench and purge some cabinets!

Living Room

  • Wall decor
  • Bring some color!
This room screams "blah." Leather furniture, dark wood, khaki walls, khaki drapes...soooooooo neutral. Thankfully, we have some white trim in there, but I need some color! This is T's domain, so I don't want to go too nuts, but the room needs some artwork. I'd love to eventually get a chair or two with some upholstery to add some more color, but we'll start small.

Master Bedroom

  • New headboard (upholstered?)
  • Wall decor
  • Accents
  • Purge and reorganize

Overhaul. Serious overhaul. We upgraded our bed to a king-size at the end of the year, so we don't have a headboard any more. I really want an upholstered headboard, but I don't want to pay $$$. T swears he can DIY one for me, but he is the king of procrastination, so we'll see if that gets done. We need new bedding, new window treatments, and maaaaaajor decluttering and reorganizing. Artwork, decor accents are needed as well. I hate that room---it is bare and ugly. It needs to be cozy and inviting! I don't know if we'll have the budget for all that, but I can try.

Kids' Rooms

  • Toy purging and reorganizing
  • Wall decor in girls' room

Harris' nursery is pretty much complete and seriously adorable. I need to show it off here on the blog! It has come a long, long way from girlie nursery to hoarder's paradise to little boy's space.

The girls' room is a disaster zone. Despite my best efforts to contain and organize things, we need to do some decluttering and reorganizing. They need some new artwork on the walls too.

So...most of my list involves touching up with things like decorative elements. I'm going to try to do a room at a time, with the exception of decluttering and donating items we/the kids no longer need or use.

Do you have any home goals for 2015? What's your plan?

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  1. We too are looking to add color to our living room; who knew they made so many shades of green and beige? Good luck and keep us updated!

  2. Your list sounds like one that you can manage. I think writing goals down is motivating to actually get them done.

  3. Hey friend. . . I just spent the last half hour catching up on a bunch of your posts. Oh for the days when I used to be able to read and comment on every post!

    Thank you for posting your real-life home goals. Honestly, as home blogging has exploded, I sometimes wonder how on earth some bloggers can get so much accomplished in addition to being wives and moms. It's easy for me to start feeling inadequate, to say the least! But you've listed the kinds of things that lots of us need to work on. God bless you as you make progress toward your goals and work to be a good wife to T and a good mother to Natalie, Byrdie, and Harris!


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