Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Parents look forward to important milestones. We dream of the night our little one will sleep more than four hours in a stretch. We hope for the day that they'll take their first steps or say their first word. But I recently realized that there is a very important event that the baby book people neglected to add a slot for when they printed the "milestone" pages in Natalie's baby book. Case in point...

The day she learned to vacuum.

Growing up, I sometimes griped that my parents *must* have had us three kids so that we'd be around to dust and vacuum. As a grown adult with children of my own, I realize now that this definitely probably wasn't the case, but boy is it a joyful thing to watch your child rev up the engine to the Hoover and take a spin around the kitchen, laying waste to clumps of dog hair and crumbs. 

Totally not the reason why I had kids....but certainly a nice perk, no?

Which household chore do you have your kids help out with?

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