Thursday, October 3, 2013

Come Thrifting with Me! {October Salvation Army Finds}

It's been a few months since my last thrift shopping post, so I thought it would be fun to do some makeover imagining today. I've taken so many bags of clothes to our local Salvation Army to donate lately, that I couldn't resist peeking in to see what was new.

This fab vintage stool was the first thing to catch my eye and it was love at first sight. I love it paint splattered as is, or it would look amazing in a bright, bold color!

Yep, this shoe rack screams "1980s," but with a coat of fresh white paint, it would blend into any closet and enhance your storage options.

Isn't she pretty? Great lines on this chest of drawers:

This white bookcase was pretty beat up with a small hole on the back, near the bottom. But I think it would be easy to cover with fabric or even foam board with a cool stencil.

Cool trunk alert!

This set is clearly in need of a new color scheme, but how cute, right?

If you have the storage space, folding chairs like this are great to have on hand for entertaining. And you can update with paint whenever you want to change 'em up!

Thrift shops are great for finding picture frames. You don't have to love the included print or painting, and they're super easy to spray paint!

This piece received a "sold" sticker right after I snapped the picture. Love the cool texture on the drawers.

This cabinet is desperate for some TLC.

I almost purchased this little bookshelf for baby boy's room, but I thought it might be too tall to fit under the window.

Loved the hardware on this guy:

Which piece was your favorite?

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  1. The one that got the sold sticker has that oriental flare that is so popular right now. I would love to have painted it a bright fun color with gold accents...

  2. That stool is too cool! It'd be great for a craft table, too! I love higher tables for that.

    I actually have 8 folding church chairs like that. They were so cool I coudln't pass them up.

  3. Nice finds. I think the shoe rack in actually a CD rack. But who says it can't be for shoes. solid oak too. we have one. I didn't think it was cool, until I saw your post.

  4. I really like the truck too but there are a lot of nice pieces. You're lucky to find items like this!


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