Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why You Should Have a Lens Protector for Your DSLR Camera

This is a true story of fear, loss, and recovery. (no, seriously, it is) I hope that after reading today's post, all you DSLR camera owners will rush out and purchase your own lens protector. This post is not sponsored in any way, just consider it your PSA for today!
Why You Should Have a Lens Protector for Your DSLR Camera, at Serenity Now

Let me set the stage for our story:

We are now the proud owners of a six month old German Shepherd puppy who entertains grand delusions that she is some sort of visiting German dignitary in our home. 
Why You Should Have a Lens Protector for Your DSLR Camera, at Serenity Now

What Ellie wants, Ellie helps herself to. 

Michaela Byrd's sandwich, ja. Paper from my purse, ja. T's tie? Ja

She especially enjoys carrying small, soft things around. Remember this. It is important later on in the story.

I decided to sleep in a couple of weeks ago. 

That was my first mistake.

Natalie, who enjoys waking at the crack of dawn as much as I love mochas, let the dogs out for me and fed them. It wasn't long before I heard a thud, a crack, and an "Oooooooooh nooooo!"

I had an inkling that this wasn't going to be good news. 

Natalie came upstairs carrying my Nikon. Upon first glance, I was certain that my lens had shattered and we'd be out a bunch of dollars for me to replace it. I was all set to pitch a nice, big hissy fit when I looked closer and saw that it wasn't my expensive Nikon lens that had broken.

Sure, the lens protector was busted, but that's only around $20 to replace. I have never been more grateful to have listened to T and put it on my lens! (It sat in my camera bag for awhile before I finally attached it)

I guess Ellie saw my Nikon sitting out on the counter and either decided to take some still shots, or the pretty lush, soft fabric of the camera strap was too much to resist. My guess is she went for the softy fabric. Again, she likes soft things. I caught her trying to make a grab for some gauze on the kitchen table as I wrote this post last night. In front of me. With her surgery cone of shame on.
Why You Should Have a Lens Protector for Your DSLR Camera, at Serenity Now

So it should be no surprise to me that she would attempt to grab something off the counter when I wasn't around. It was a very good lesson to me as a pet owner and mother of small children to keep my camera in the camera bag when it is not in use.

And I hope, dear reader, that this story was a lesson to you to protect your lens! I can't promise that yours will be shatter-free, but I do know they protect from scratches, dirt, and dust. There are plenty of good brands out there. After being saved once by Rocketfish, I will probably purchase from them again.

Have you ever had a run-in with your camera lens? 

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  1. She's adorable! My shepherd ate my sunglasses, don't know how she survived that one!

    Glad you didn't lose your lens!!!

  2. Oh my goodness!! I had no idea such a thing existed! Is one brand better than another? I must order one today...

  3. Great tip Amanda! Kids and dogs always keep things interesting!!!

  4. Yikes! I love my lens protector. I never worry about sand or dirt or anything ruining my nice lens.

  5. Thank you for this post!! I have a "fancy people" camera & no actual training ... but I have been reading tutorials, playing around, etc. So ... I had NO IDEA that a lens protector was a thing. This is so magical :) We just got back from vacation and I'm sitting here reading this thinking "You know, if I'd had this on vacation, I think I would have been a lot less paranoid!" Thank you thank you for the PSA :)

  6. I am glad this turned out well in the end. One thing I have been told and read on many photog blogs is to buy the best quality filters you can afford. If you put a cheap one made of poor quality glass, it will affect your picture quality. You might even think your camera is acting up and needs repairing when it is fine.

  7. Yes! I've now gone through two lens filters and they have been LIFESAVERS! My camera has had some hard falls - even on rocks - and that little thing saved my lens. Great post!!


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