Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Plate Wall Inspiration

I had hoped to share a new project or two with you, but (going for complete honesty here), I am beginning to get overwhelmed with the enormous to-do list I have looming over my head before school begins and the baby arrives later this Fall. One of my planned projects is a plate wall for my mini kitchen makeover. Because some other tasks got priority this week, I decided to share some Plate Wall Inspiration with you all today. I have the supplies for mine, but haven't planned the design out yet. Here are some that caught my eye.
Plate Wall Ideas (a Round-Up), at Serenity Now

*Please be sure to Pin from the original sources, which are listed with each photo.

Love the fresh pops of color. From The Lily Pad Cottage

Wall of shelves built specifically for housing a special collection. From Better Homes and Gardens

Sharpie Art Plate Wall. via While They Snooze

Gorgeous green made to look like an art installation. From Interior Design

White plates pop off a brown wall. via The Inspired Room

Country style, hung with wire fencing. via the old white house

Not plates, but I do love these silver platters. Curious Sofa Diaries

Framed plates, very cool! via Better Homes and Gardens

Frames mixed with art. From Southern Living

Which is your fave? Have any tips for the perfect plate wall?

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  1. I love them all! I have a few plates hanging here and there but I think I need a wall full for more impact! School preparations are going on here too. I just spent a fortune on school supplies...ridiculous! Enjoy your day!

  2. Great inspiration!! Love all the different arrangements.

  3. These are such cool ideas! I've been working on a plate wall in our dining room, but it's more traditional and less creative than these haha.

  4. love them all, but my favorite is the sharpie plate wall!GENIUS!

  5. Awww... these are all so dreamy. I think I like the first one best myself. I've been wanting to make a plate wall in our dining room but never pulled the trigger.

  6. Kelly's at View Along the Way is one of my favorites. I love that it cascades and turns a corner. Very interesting...

  7. These are such fresh ideas! I have a few plates hang here and there but I think I require a wall full for more impact! School preparations are going on here too.


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