Sunday, June 2, 2013

One More Day to Link Up Your Best Post!

I'm giving everyone one more day to link up to this week's Weekend Bloggy Reading link party before I choose Features. I've been running this party for several years now, and I'd love to see it grow a little more. I'm also busy enjoying some summer fun, so this gives me an extra day. I'll have a post with lots of Featured Project Ideas up tomorrow morning.

If you haven't joined the fun yet, please hop over to the party and add your best post of the week. We have Home Decor, Crafts, DIY, Recipes, Tips and Tricks, Party Ideas, and so much more! Lots of fun ideas to Pin and tuck away for future use.

If you've already linked up, be sure to browse some of the other projects. If you haven't added a link back to me within your post, please take a minute to do that. I've had to bypass several dozen really fantastic projects  for Features because the bloggers didn't link back to Serenity Now within their posts. It's good for both of our SEO, guys!

Hope you've had a fantastic weekend. 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Amanda!
    I added a link to you within my post (number 110)... I didn't realize that it was important for SEO - am pretty new to blogging... Does a text link work as well as a button? Maybe I should add my party links within my posts?? I would love advice on this!
    Thanks a ton for hosting, hope you are enjoying your weekend!


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