Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Come Thrifting with Me! (Salvation Army Finds)

It's been awhile since I took you thrifting with me, and I hadn't stopped in at our local Salvation Army in ages. I figured it was time to head in and see what kinds of diamonds in the rough were waiting for me. The pickings were a bit slim this time, not much in the furniture department, but I did see a few pieces that made me wish I had a workshop to do some makeover work in! Come thrifting with me!

As usual, many of these pieces just need fresh paint in an on-trend/classic color and new hardware.

Case in point. I can see this beauty in someone's dining space or morning room. In trendy shade of gray, with a stenciled background in a graphic pattern and contrasting color. Too perfect to display a collection of creamware!

This set of nightstands would be perfect for someone's bedroom makeover. New paint, cute lamps, and a tray with fresh flowers.

These honey oak stools scream "1990s", but they could be easily introduced to the new century with paint...maybe dipped legs too?

A neglected magazine rack like this one could make a super-cute book holder for a child's library nook. See how I made one over here.

I don't remember the exact price of these coffee tables, but I do remember that they were a steal. A fab spot for your favorite magazines and a cup of coffee.

Don't ignore the little stuff! Just $2 for this tripod, and some Clorox wipes would have cleaned it up nicely.

I've seen dozens of these dressers on blogs, painted in a cool ombre color scheme.

This mission-style piece was in good shape.

There are soooo many things that you could do with this old bookcase. What are your ideas?

I recognized this dresser from IKEA immediately...

...because it's actually a changing table!

And, one more dresser. I loved the lines on this one. Just needs some TLC.

Which piece is your fave, and how would you fix it up?

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  1. I like the last dresser the best. I'd paint it but I'm not sure what color.

    My mom is coming to visit tomorrow and we are planning to do some thrifting. She's never been to our SA, so that's on my list of shopping spots.

  2. I need to go shopping at your Salvation Army! These finds are amazing! I love them all!

    It's Always Ruetten

  3. Whenever I go to The Salvation Army I swear to never purchase new furniture again! There are so many great pieces. Thanks for this wonderful post...I think I know where I am going this weekend lol

  4. The changing table is awesome! I love thrift stores, you can find so many great things. Like the top I'm wearing... and the jeans. lol

  5. Great stuff to choose from for sure! The old bookcase would look so cool if you took scrapbook paper and adheared it to the background..and then painted the shelves a matching color (thinking turqoise blue scheme)!

  6. Hi, Amanda

    Those pieces are awesome. I would have bought them all. LOL, Love the modern vintage dressers. You have a great Good Will, my Good Will stinks. Have a great week.


  7. I need to head on up your way! Y'all have the best stuff!

  8. I think I like the stools the best - they have such a fab shape to their legs with the spindley look. I also love that mid century dresser - would look great as a media console. Or maybe it is the hutch -the pattern on the lower doors is awesome and maybe would show through some painting?? Great ideas!

  9. I never find such great stuff at my thrift store! I love all the dressers. They have tons of storage and can be used anywhere. I even have one in my kitchen!


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