Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall DIY and Craft To Do List, 2012

Are you a list maker? I like making lists, but I tend to lose the paper ones in the bottom of my purse or in a pile of bills on the kitchen sideboard. Go figure. I feel like I've spent a lot of time this Fall running around like a crazy person, so hopefully a quick Fall DIY and Craft To-Do List will help me stay on top of my goals. I'm sharing a few here today...keeping it simple and (hopefully) attainable.

1. Paint and Update the Kitchen:
Blank Kitchen Wall, Serenity Now blog

Yep, so that wall is pale yellow on top and completely boring. It's been this way for some time now. I'm looking at it as more of a blank slate, and I have a fun plan for it. I was contacted by Dutch Boy to do a review of their paint line geared for kitchens, so I'm super excited to tackle this project. We have all the supplies ready...just waiting for some drywall repairs before I can begin. (When you start a DIY project, it's funny how a bunch of other related ones pop up)

So...the kitchen is going to be painted, I have new window treatments in the works, and some new accessories. With some help from Dutch Boy, Krylon, and Purdy this room should come together this Fall.

2. Continue Operation Update Family Room:
Family Room with Thrift Store End Tables, Serenity Now blog

A "budget crisis" derailed this room update for the summer, but I do have a slipcover I need to fit on the couch and some canvases to order. I'd love to get that gallery wall started above the couch...hoping to be inspired sooner rather than later! In the meantime, I am loving my thrift store end tables makeover job

3.Update some excessively blah IKEA bins for my Thrift Store Expedit:
Thrift Store IKEA Expedit, Serenity Now blog

I bought the least expensive bins I could find at IKEA, but they are creamy-whitish and very plain. I want to make tags or something cute so the girls know what's inside each bin. As much as I'd love this to be a beautiful display piece; in our home, with our lack of storage space, it needs to be a spot for corralling the girls' stuff. 

4. Try some new crafts.
I still want to try my hand at those lovely DIY photo canvases I'm seeing pop up everywhere. I have a cute Christmas sewing craft planned (just need to pick up some supplies!), and I'm itching to spray paint something before the weather gets too cold.

This isn't DIY or craft related, but I've been doing a lot of thinking about my blog over the summer and throughout this Fall. I'm reevaluating how I spend my time and what is most important. 

Do you have any goals you're hoping to reach this Fall?


  1. I always have goals - goals are good. Whether I achieve them or not or is a different matter.

    I keep my goals on an excel spreadsheet (yes, I'm geeky like that!)

  2. I so need to make a list. I keep thinking of things, but then forget and nothing gets accomplished! Love your end tables in the family room.

  3. One of my goals is to start setting goals.

    Sounds like I'm kidding, doesn't it? But I'm not. I tend to live way too willy-nilly a lifestyle, and some things I really want to do are not getting done. In fact, one of them I'd like to talk to you about. Maybe I should put "talk to Amanda" as the first of my little goals!

  4. Oh yes...I love lists! I make lists to make lists - Ha! no kidding! And like you they end up littering my purse, pockets, car, etc. Sometimes its fun and or sad to find an old list and see if it was completed! :)

  5. I am totally a list maker, but lately my list have been making more depressed than anything. Mostly because I make the list and then somehow never seem to mark anything off it! My poor craft room has been sitting for months and I haven't done anything except buy a couple gallons of paint!

  6. I am 110% list maker! And I have so many things, I wonder if I'll ever get it done! But it helps me keep what little sanity I have left. ;) Enjoyed your post!

  7. Hew! that's quite a list , but I bet you can finish all those Amanda. Don't have much for fall and winter - mainly just the holiday decorating - planning to have my fireplace re-done though, ut I'm leaving that to the professionals. :-)

  8. I love making lists and setting goals. Sometimes I will write the smallest task on my list just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing the task off when I complete it.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your kitchen update. You are lucky to get sponsors to help you with the supplies!

    I think about my blog a lot. I know I spend way too much of my free time on it and I always feel like I can't keep up with it.

  9. I used to make list before going for shopping, and always end up more than the list.

    Anyways, best wishes for your goals.

  10. I LOVE lists! I just got an iPhone 4S and the lists on there are awesome!!! I'm making lists for everything! Setting reminders... it rocks!

  11. I LOVE lists! I just got an iPhone 4S and the lists on there are awesome!!! I'm making lists for everything! Setting reminders... it rocks!

  12. These are great goals, Amanda. I'm really looking forward to watching your kitchen and living room come together.


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