Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School Ideas (Pins to Admire and Inspire)

I've always looked at Labor Day as the last day of summer, even though I think it's truly September 22nd. Maybe it's because I was raised with the strict fashion guidelines of "no white shoes after Labor Day." Either way, summer is ending for many of us with kids going back to preschool and big kid school. In honor of Michaela Byrd going to meet her new preschool teachers at Orientation this morning, I thought I'd share some of the fab Back-to-School Ideas I've been Pinning like crazy.

If you're a Pinner, please be sure to click on the link below each photo to Pin from the original source. Each person should get credit for his/her own work!

How cute are these clipboards?

Darling lunchbox printables. What a neat way to encourage your kids!

Get organized with homework stations!

Love Amy's first day of school interview idea!

Back to School Book Swap:

Must read! 22 Things Your Child's Principal Won't Tell You (But Wants You to Know)

Back to School Party:

Fun homework crate:

Lunchbox Essentials:

Back to School Party for the mamas:

Printables galore!

Pack some fun lunches:

Educational Apps:

Lunchbox Ideas!

You may have already seen my Back to School Crayon Wreath from last year.

And I recently posted this cute Teacher's Survival Kit, which was a huge hit.

So, are you in back to school mode? 

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  1. So many cute ideas! Love the homework kit and as the daughter and granddaughter of teacher, the teacher survival kit is awesome! I know that every teacher truly appreciates little gifts like these.

  2. My boys started pre-school today. This whole post is an awesome resource. Thank you for posting all these great ideas. I have been looking for "chore" or "routine" chart ideas for awhile, and I love those clipboards. Best wishes to everyone starting school.

  3. wow! thanks for this wonderful and helpful round-up Amanda!!!!

  4. What wonderful ideas! The clipboards are my absolute favorite! Can't wait to try and create some!

  5. Such a great list, thanks so much for taking the time to post this, it's a great resource!

  6. Those clipboards are so cute! We need something like that to get us organized in the afternoons!

  7. Oh, girl, you and me both. . . no white shoes before Easter, no white shoes after Labor Day. No ifs, ands, or buts. So funny!

    I like your back-to-school round-up! Hope preschool is great for Michaela Byrd!

  8. Great round up Amanda! Thanks for including my lunch box idea post! I LOVE the back to school party for moms! Now that is a brilliant idea. ; )

    Sent my baby on her first day of 1st grade today. She was almost excited to go. Can't wait to hear how her day went! Hope Michaela Byrd had a fantastic first day!

    ~ Catie

  9. Love the clipboards! The lunchbox ideas will come in handy to mix things up when Natalie gets bored of eating the same thing.

  10. I love the First Day Interview idea! Will b great to look back on over the years!


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