Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY Minnie Mouse Silhouette T-Shirt Tutorial

After a very memorable vacation, I have all sorts of Disney recaps, crafts, and advice to share, but I wanted to start off with a simple sewing tutorial that I am very excited about. Today, I'll show you how I made a Minnie Mouse Silhouette T-Shirt for both of my girls and one for their cousin...with complete matching outfits!

How cute is this outfit for a first time Disney World guest?!

I consider my sewing level to be extra beginner (I can sew a straight line, and that's about it), so pretty much anyone could do this project.


-Cotton T-Shirt
-Fabric for the silhouette
-Sewable Fabric Interfacing (mine is from Silhouette)
-Contrasting Thread and a Needle
-Good Scissors
-Emellishments/Buttons for Ribbon
-Silhouette SD or Silhouette CAMEO (I used my SD, but this is optional as the shape is very basic)

*Before I started the project, I washed and dried the zebra fabric, pressed it, and trimmed off any frayed edges. I also downloaded a Mickey silhouette shape into my Silhouette software, but the shape is so simple, I think you could easily replicate your own template on cardboard. The Silhouette interfacing comes with very specific instructions, but I'll loosely "translate" here so you can see how it works.


1. Cut a piece of interfacing large enough to fit your shape, and be sure it will fit onto the cutting mat.

2. Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric, leaving about an inch around the outside edges.

3. Trim the extra fabric off.

4. Peel the backing of the interfacing off. You'll notice the back of the fabric has a shiny side to it now!

*At this point, I ran the fabric/cutting mat through my Silhouette and it cut the shape for me. I peeled the excess fabric off and I had a nice clean Mickey silhouette. You could do the same with a cardboard template and disappearing fabric ink for a simple shape.


5. Iron the silhouette shape (shiny side down!) onto the t-shirt.

6. Using the zig-zig stitch option, stitch all the way around the shape to keep it from fraying.

7. Admire your rather sloppy haphazard stitching (oh, maybe that's just me).

Now it's time to make your Minnie Mouse bow!

8. I cut a length of ribbon and sewed the two ends together to form a loop. Another small cut of ribbon was sewn on top to form a closure.

9. (Optional) Sew a button onto the center of your bow.

10. Secure your bow somewhere on the silhouette.

11. (Optional) Add another cute button. Now you have a Minnie Mouse!

The shirts and skorts were from Wal-Mart, and I had the bows custom-made by Harper's Hat Box. The girls were so excited to have outfits made by Mommy that they totally bought my "these are for the beach this summer" story. This made the news of our Disney vacation even more of a surprise!

This shot was worth all the time spent cutting, ironing, and sewing:

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  1. Those are too cute! I've been too scared to run the fabric through my Cameo but you have given me the motivation to give it a try! Thanks for the tutorial!

    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  2. Amanda those are so cute! I love all the cute pink details and I love that they all had cute bows to match their shirts too:)

  3. Very cute and looks do-able for a novice sewer (or is it seamstress) like me!

  4. Amanda those outfits are so sweet! I love the shirt & pairing them with the ruffle skirts, adorable! Love it, the girls look so happy on the trip :-)

  5. Too cute! My sister and I always had matching outfits for our Disney trips.

  6. I love making Minnie shirts for our Disney trips, but I've always been afraid to sew around the silhouette! The pink stitching is so adorable!! I might need to get over my fear! I really love the buttons on the bow too. These are so perfect and your models couldn't be any cuter!!

  7. Those are soo cute, Amanda!! Great job. : )

    ~ Catie

  8. Sew darn cute!

    I want to go to Disneyland now and make matching shirts like this for my daughter and me!

  9. Amanda, you are my sewing sister! Straight seams are pretty much all I can do--but even with elementary sewing skills you can create some cute things, right?

    Those shirts are absolutely adorable. I used to dress my kids alike when we were headed to places where I feared they might get lost--I always thought it helped Jack and me keep up with them. But my fellows never had anything as cute as those Minnie Mouse outfits! Way to go, Crafty Mommy!

    And those photos--mercy. Your girls are so adorable. Sometimes their resemblance to you just makes me gasp. You are all so beautiful. One of my boys looks a good bit like me, but the others are pretty much their dad made over. Oh, well, at least they all got red hair! :)

  10. P.S. That pose of Natalie's--I take it she was feeling much better by the time you got to WDW!!

  11. OMG--these are too cute. I'm sure everyone at Disney was asking where the girls got there outfits! Great job!

  12. These outfits are darling!!! The girls look just adorable in them! Love the zebra print paired with black and pink!

  13. These outfits are beautiful and very very cute!
    Wonderful job
    BTW - adorable models :)

  14. Very cute. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!! I want to make one for my daughter and keep my fingers crossed I can convince my hubby to make a trip to Disney World soon!!!

  16. Really cute! I'm including this in a big Disney-round-up post tomorrow :)

  17. Adorable! :) That picture of them in front of the castle is priceless! :)

  18. Cute!!! If I ever make it to Disney - I'm going to make one of these! :)

  19. I would love for you to share this on my linky party!
    Thanks, Marcie

  20. These tshirts are awesome. I'll be making some for me daughters. Thank you for this tutorial.

  21. Ever think of making & selling? I am going to disney in January and looking to get shirts for me and my four girls.


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