Thursday, May 10, 2012

Disney Craft: Autograph Albums

We're baaaack! We're home from our Disney trip, and I'm using today to unpack and "cool down." There's a SUPER Disney craft for you here today, courtesy of Kelli from Random Thoughts of a SUPERMOM. Keep reading to see how to make your own Personalized Disney Autograph Albums.

Please give a warm welcome to Kelli!

Hi! My name is Kelli and most days you can find me blogging at Random Thougths of a SUPERMOM! I am a wife and stay at home mom of three boys. I love to be crafty, make yummy {and SUPER fun} food, share pictures of my cute boys, and blog about the every day happenings of my life as a SUPERMOM!

I am so excited to be sharing a fun Disney craft with y'all today! This is a craft that I made last year before our second trip to Disney...and it is something that I will make again every time we go back too!


One of the most memorable things about a Disney vacation is getting to meet the characters. Before our last trip I remember worrying about my boys being scared of the characters, but when we got to Disney my boys couldn't get enough of them. Well, except for the princesses who they refuse to even stand beside for a picture:) 

Getting autographs is a big part of meeting Mickey, Donald, and even the Green Army Man, so every kid needs to have an autograph book. Sure you can buy the ones that they sell in all the gift shops, but why not make your own really cute {personalized} version for way less money!

I started our autograph books with a small spiral bound notebook that I picked up at Walmart for less than $2. Using my Silhouette, I cut a few Mickey heads and the year out of white contact paper. Because the contact paper is so thin {and I was trying to cover up the writing on the cover of the notebook} I had to do a double layer of Mickey heads on the cover. 

Then I cut each of my boys' first initials out in black vinyl { I used a font called Waltograph} and put the initial onto the white Mickey head. If you look closely at the top right corner, you can see that I also added a small piece of black vinyl to cover up the smaller logo {Mead} that was on the front cover.

To add a little bit of color, I wove a piece of red and white checked ribbon through the metal spirals of the notebook and tied a knot in one end. On the other end of the ribbon, I tied on a retractable Sharpie that is just the right size for the characters to sign their names. {I read somewhere that it is hard for them to grip smaller pens with their big character hands, and these retractable Sharpies worked wonderfully on our last trip.}

Now all three of my boys are ready to get some autographs from Mickey Mouse and all the gang...and I'm hoping maybe we can manage to get at least one picture with a princess:)

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Thank you, Kelli, for being willing to share your fun Disney ideas with us. Love the toes!

Please be sure to stop by Random Thoughts of a SUPERMOM to check out Kelli's crafts, recipes, and activity ideas. You'll have a blast!

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  1. Kelli really is a SUPERMOM! She just amazes me.

    I'll be glad to hear all about your trip! Hope it was wonderful for all of you!

  2. That is such a great idea. Disney will rip you off on stuff like that. So much better to make it before the trip.

  3. Kelli has the cutest Disney ideas. I'll bet her boys had a blast getting autographs while on their trip.

    I'm looking forward to hearing all about your trip and to seeing some cute pictures of your girls.

  4. Thanks so much for letting me guest post Amanda! I can't wait to here all about your Disney trip!

  5. Great idea on making your own autograph book! We are looking for craft posts on our Disney Craft Making Monday blog post. Feel free to link it up:


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