Sunday, January 1, 2012

More Highlighted Links--Share Your Best Post!

Good morning, friends! Happy New Year! If you're here to link up to Weekend Bloggy Reading, it's open for new links until 10 pm (ET) tonight. Please share your best post of the week with us...crafts, recipes, home decor, book reviews--all kinds of posts are welcome.

I also like to Feature bloggers who not only have great projects, but who also take the time to  link back to me within their post(s). I add many of these Features to my Pinterest page as well as Facebook, so there's some extra incentive to be a gracious blogger and add a link back to this party.

Here are a few links from Weekend Bloggy Reading that caught my eye!

~Marshmallow Fairy Wands via Yummy Mummy

~Sunroom Seating (Top Projects Link) via The Life of CK and Nate

~Jewelry Holder from Thread Rack via Uncommon Designs Online

~DIY Kitchen Countertops Makeover via i should be mopping the floor

~How to Organize Your Husband via Organizing Made Fun

~Sauteed Asparagus via Homemaker on a Dime

~Glazed Champagne and White Chocolate Cookies via 52 Mantels

*Please, if you haven't already, take a few moments to link back to me within your post(s) and visit a few of the other links from the party if you linked up this weekend. I love hosting, and I love commenting on posts...but it's no fun for anyone if we just have stale links sitting around. Get out there and find some fun reads! {wink}

Did I feature you today? If the answer is "yes," feel free to grab this button for your sidebar!
Featured At Serenity Now

I'm taking the tree down today so we can start the New Year off on the right foot. Once the Christmas decor is packed away, I can focus on getting all of the gifts and toys organized. We're having some yummy homemade barbecue tonight, recipe courtesy of my sister.

How are you spending today? Enjoy your Sunday! 


  1. Amanda, Thank you so much for the sweet feature! Love going through the links...gonna be a great year!! Happy New Year! :)

  2. Thanks, Amanda, for the feature! Hope you had a wonderful New Year and look forward to seeing you more around blogland!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made fun

  3. Thanks Amanda! I have a new fresh recipe up (and a lululemon giveaway!)

  4. AAAAAAHHHHHH, YOUR BLOG IS DELIGHTFUL!!! Oh my goodness, I am so glad I stumbled upon your "creative corner" of the great blog-o-sphere. Your blog is very cute and you seem lovely. You had me at your mention of's my home away from home too!!! I've written several posts on how much I love that store! HA HA! I'm your newest follower. Can't wait to read more!

  5. On Sunday, I stayed in my pajamas all day and blogged and watched football games!! Sigh!! Bliss!!
    Happy 2012

  6. Thank you so much for the feature, Amanda! Couponing is also on my list this year. I've been couponing for a little while...but certainly haven't mastered it like some of these ladies I see on tv! Happy New Year to you & yours! ; )


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