Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Independence Day Comes Early for this Mom?

It looks like I may celebrate Independence Day a wee bit early this year. My in-laws asked if they could take Natalie and Michaela Byrd to a T family reunion in North Carolina this weekend. T will be working, so it will just be me for most of the day.

After some initial trepidation, the prospect of spending two whole days doing whatever. the. heck. I. want. won out.

Everyone parents differently, and my in-laws are pretty fantastic. I don't worry about them losing one of my kids, or accidentally teaching them bad words (I already did that), or letting them roam the hotel unattended. I tend to be a worrier, and my worries revolve around car crashes and sickness and snake bites and general maladies and tragic events. I went all Dr. Phil on myself once and deduced that this most likely stems from losing a parent as a teenager.

Once I told myself to stop acting like a head case, the idea of going Ferris Bueller for a couple of days really seemed like a great idea.

The only problem is, I am so lame in my old age, I can't think of anything to do now that I know I'll have free time.

I didn't seem to have this problem as a teenager, or newlywed with no children. What to do? Dumb question- sleep in, buy stuff at stores, meet friends for fun stuff, sleep in, and buy more stuff.

So that's not really going to work for me. The guilty mom-side of me feels like I should use those two days to paint something, fold something, iron something, cook something, or just generally be productive.

The selfish real side of me wants to go shopping, get a pedicure, read a book by the pool without a three year old hanging around my neck in a cold wet bathing suit, watch a movie, frolic in a know.

And also, my friends are all busy having no breaks, so I don't want to rub it in or anything by driving through the neighborhoods shouting "I'm free! I'm free!" or seeing if they can take the whole day off to cater to my whims and fancies of shopping therapy.

I am weighing my options and trying to find a little bit of balance:
  • Get up early on Saturday to Yard Sale and then sleep in a bit on Sunday
  • Treat myself to lunch out
  • Make a meal plan for next week...and use coupons (scary, unforged territory!)
  • Finish sorting donations for Salvation Army
  • Read a book by the pool
  • Complete a craft project for an upcoming Crafterminds campaign
  • Get a little work done for another blog related deadline
  • Convince T to go out on a date after work, even if he is tired and doesn't feel like it--I will win him over with my charm and "rapist wit" (name that movie quote!!)
I probably won't get to everything on the list, but I'm sure gonna try!

{What would you do if you had a day to yourself with no commitments?}

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  1. How fun! I can hardly imagine having a weekend like that ... staying in my own home with no kids. I think I'm light years away from that happening ... there aren't a lot of people lining up to take five kids for the weekend! :) But I'd definitely sleep in and do some major sewing.

  2. I'd probably just end up at Target ;)

    You should totally take. Yourself out for a glass of wine and dessert in the middle of the day. Doesn't that sound indulgent and wonderful.


  3. Going to the pool with no kids sounds like heaven! I rarely am completely kid free, but right now its just me and Eli and that seems almost free....except that I just had to change a diaper:) I would probably make a long list of stuff and then end up doing one thing on the list and then take a nap! I hope you enjoy your kid free weekend Amanda!

  4. Aren't you lucky! If it were me, I'd take the pedicure, followed by a Starbucks and book by the pool option. Those are things that are trickier to do with kids, and it will do wonders for you!

    Have fun with whatever you choose, and do something for yourself... happy mom = happy kids!

  5. Yea for great in-laws. I was the same way- couldn't think of a thing to do when my parents took my two munchkins for a week. So here's the voice of regret speaking- sleep in as much as you can. And don't clean a single thing. It'll get dirty again the moment the kids walk through the door. And for sure make the date thing happen!!!!!

    Enjoy it all Amanda!!!!

  6. WOO HOO! Isn't it amazing to consider having a couple of days with "nothing" to do? I mean, except for a to-do list the length of your arm. But without little ones to look after, you do feel so free!

    There were very few times that I didn't have my boys with me when they were little. In fact, there were NO times at all for the first several years, except for one three-day period when my MIL kept Will and Preston so Jack and I could take a little trip for our 10th anniversary.

    Then when Will was 8, Preston was 6, and Lee was 2, Jack took all three boys on a little weekend trip and let me have the house to myself for two whole days. I remember going to Calico Corners and looking at fabric for two glorious hours! I also read and slept a lot. I think I may be a boring person! :)

  7. Ok, I simply had to comment because of the 'Dumb and Dumber' that movie! And we've all probably used 'rapist wit' on our hubby's at one time or's our super power :) haha

    Whatever you decide to do with your TWO DAYS WITH NO KIDS (not that I'm jealous or anything) I hope you have a wonderful time!

    On a side note, I love reading your blog and think its great that you take the time to comment on everyone who joins in your linky thank you!

    Have a great rest of the week!

  8. oh wow!! enjoy it girl!! every stinking min. of it! How awesome to just be able to "do nothing"! Thats awesome! and before you know it that horse will soon turn back into a pumpkin and you will hear the words "mommy, mommy- im hungry, she hit me, where's my shoes," and blah, blah, blah! enjoy it girl!! you deserve it!!

  9. Sounds like fun! I'm glad there is another Mom out there as big of an ol' worry wart as myself! LOL

  10. Lol about the "Worrying about them teaching my kids bad words (I already did that)".

    I am so jealous! Enjoy every second of it. Stop and absorb the silence. It will be short lived, but oh so glorious :)

  11. I vote frolic in the meadow!!!

    Just kidding. Actually, if you like to cook, I would say bake up a big ol' fun treat for yourself, park in front of a good chick flick, and devour it! :D

  12. Another fun and entertaining and honest post Amanda. Loved how you worry like me, and it doesn't get any better when you REALLY get old like me. old? I don't think so. Making a list of stuff to get done isn't that relaxing. I would just veg, and let the days become what you feel like doing. It is rare that you will have this opportunity, and time doing nothing sometimes is better than doing something.

  13. Enjoy your two days. I vote for sleeping in, shopping, lunch alone, and date night with your hubby. Are the kids excited to be going somewhere without the two of you? They must feel like big girls to be able to do that.

  14. I would go shopping for sure! Maybe organize my craft space. I enjoyed your tutorial over at Tater Tots in Jello and I see your from VA as well!

  15. I out, get a pedi, have brunch with the girls, go shopping and finish off with a romantic dinner avec le hubs and a walk on the beach!

  16. That sounds fantastic!! I would sleep in, sew, read blogs, write blogs, take a nap, read, work on photobooks.

  17. That sounds like a great plan! Go shopping and lunch out with no kids to run after...a dream come true!!


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