Friday, November 12, 2010

::Weekend Bloggy Reading:: Link Up!

{What's on your agenda this weekend?}

My sister and I are hosting a baby shower tomorrow for our sister-in-law, and I have another Blessings Unlimited party after that. There will be a massive cleaning overhaul of the T household today. Well, the downstairs, anyways. It's not my fault if a few Polly Pockets are casualties of my cleanly efforts.

Today is the fun day where I share a few of my favorite posts from around Blogland this week, and you get to link up the best post from your own blog this week.

All I ask is that you please include my party button within your post (code is below) OR a link back to me within your post. Don't make me be a meanie and delete your link from the party. Pretty please?

Here are some of this week's favorites:
sources listed below

~Kate shared some of her own simple sewing projects in her Learning to Sew post, and had a guest poster list a Top 10 Rules for Sewing Machines. A great read for anyone who is new to the hobby or thinking about trying it out.

~Love Melissa's Living room Makeover. Fabulous!

~Jennifer has a Crafting Group, and I think it's so cool.

~Jan featured a Twilight Parody that made me laugh.

~Holly's Homemade Pita Chips and Hummus made me drool a little bit.

~And me?
On Monday, I shared a Potato Soup Recipe to rival The Soup Nazi and on Tuesday I gave some tips on How to Rock the Skinny Jeans Look if you're not a size 2. My girls started their own Babysitters Club, and I'm currently taking reservations for their services (wink).

Hope you will stop by the Stitch Sense Designs Giveaway that's still going on! Nadir is offering a Crocheted Coffee Cozie and $15 Gift Certificate to one lucky reader.

Time to link up your best post of the week to share! Let me know if you need help getting your link to appear.

Here's the button code if you'd prefer to use that instead of a link-back:
Weekend Bloggy Reading

Party is open until 10 pm on Sunday night. Please let me know if you need help getting your link to appear on the list!

{Happy Weekend!}


  1. I can never get my link to post! Here it is:

    Thanks for hosting!

  2. I always have to link up two times -- the second time it works...don't know...

  3. have fun with your party and shower! can't wait to check out that living room makeover-my living room needs some work!

  4. I'm not sure why your party never lets me link up. I feel like the kid not invited to the birthday party. :(

    Thanks for hosting!!!

    Here's my link, I would love to be included if you get a chance to add it for me.

  5. Ohhh have fun with the shower! Sounds like great fun! I love babies!

    Loved your article about the potato soup this week...and the pictures from your babysitter's club was another favorite of mine this week.

    My dear husband is sick today so I will be spending the day ministering to him (I write about it in today's blog article) so I won't be able to visit blogs until later tonight. Can't wait to visit everyone...but I love spoiling my hubby and that comes first! :D

    Couldn't get my post to link again today..not sure what's wrong...I appreciate your help.


    title: I'm so thankful

    Thanks for your help Amanda!

    Have a great weekend!

    Mary Joy

  6. I never told ya but I loved how you rocked your skinny jeans. I still can't get away with it - I have heifers instead of calves.

    Thanks for gathering us together. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. :( I have tried to get my link to add to your party a few different times today and it won't link up! Not sure what I am doing wrong...I don't usually have problems getting it to link on other parties...are you trying to tell me something? LOL ?

    Please give me a helping hand.


    name: Thanksliving

  8. thanks for hosting...definitely have to check out that twilight parody, and girl, you are rockin' those sassy purple shoes!

  9. Better late than never, right? Thanks for hosting. Going to check out the links now. Gosh durn, I love those purple booties! CAUTE!

  10. I'm 24 hours late linking up, but I'm here now! Thanks for hosting the party.

    You are going to be a busy girl this weekend. Good luck with both of your parties.

  11. Hi I linked up a CSN GIveaway post. I don't want to break any rules so feel free to delete it if it is not allowed
    Have a great weekend

  12. Oh, how sweet to mention my article . . . I linked it up too, sorry if it's redundant!

    And my latest articles are not posting on your blogroll, damn you Feedburner!!! *raising fist to the air* I have a love/hate with that tool. Grr.

    Have a beautiful fall weekend friend! Thanks again for all the linky love. You rawwwwk.


  13. This is my first time to link up! Thanks for hosting such a fun linky!! I hope to link up again!

    I have really been enjoying peeking around your blog a bit! Thanks.

    Happy weekend!

  14. You have a good blog week every week, Amanda. This week it seems I got very little blogging done, so I'm not linking a post. . . but I can drool over your links here!

    Hope y'all have a great weekend. It's beautiful here in NC today!

  15. Now I have a new excuse to stop at Starbucks... what an adorable coffee caddy/holder/thingy! Great job with the skinny jeans, BTW. I'm still a bit intimidated!
    Have a great, busy weekend! :)

  16. I Love Love Love those clipboards!

    Thanks for hosting another link-up party. It is so fun to see what everyone is doing.

    Hope your parties this weekend are all huge successes.

    Happy reading,


  17. You are too kind to me~thanks for the living room shout out :)


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