Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Stop and Shop

Happy Saturday! If you stopped by to join the Weekend Bloggy Reading party, it's still on!

I hope you'll grab a coffee/mocha/latte/chai/tea/hot chocolate and do a little window shopping with me.

~The Cat's Paw
Barbara's handmade coil style basket would be a great addition to your Thanksgiving buffet. Imagine it holding some fresh rolls or apples.

~Crafty Girls Workshop
This Sugar Pop Charm Pack could make all sorts of delicious things for someone's Christmas stocking!

~Laura Jane Designs
Laura Jane is featuring some beautiful work this week. She really has a flair for creating some eye catching banners. My husband blessed me with a blog makeover for Christmas last year...maybe you could add one to your Christmas list?

~McKenna Layne Designs
As you can see from her button on my sidebar, Melissa is currently offering all Serenity Now readers 15% off the purchase of Holiday photo cards when they use the code SERENITY. There is a great variety to choose from!

I'm always impressed with Kristin's newest designs, and this month is no different. I love how unique this rutilated quartz piece is. Swoon!

~RJ Charms
Until November 15th, Serenity Now readers can get FREE SHIPPING as well as 10% Off of an order! Just just use the code "serenity." If you need some help getting in the Christmas shopping mood, try these snowflake earrings and you'll be singing "Frosty the Snowman" in no time!

~The Shabby Chic Cottage
How much fun would it be to display this Flirty Girl Table Runner on the breakfast table while family is in town for Thanksgiving? If I ever get to host my own Thanksgiving in my own home (no, I'm not bitter, ahem), I'd choose something like this to make breakfast dressy!

~Stitch Sense Designs
It might not technically be winter yet, but it sure feels like it here in Virginia! Nadir's shop is ready to help you battle the cold with cute handmade items like this Colorful Cowl.

~Willow House
Carmella's Yuletide Votive Holders are 25% off today. How cute would they be displayed during a family and friends Christmas gathering?

~Blessings Unlimited
I love the Blessings Blocks and so did The Nester. Reading about her party is what sparked my interest in the company! I love that the package comes with a little booklet that has a list of words you can spell with the blocks and shows you which colors to put together. Mine say "Welcome" right now!

*Don't forget the big Silhouette Product Giveaway...winner will be announced on November 10th! You can get 25% off all Silhouette Accessories by using the code SERENITY!

{Happy Shopping!}


  1. i love your are on my bloggy list..

    i enjoy posts with links like this..
    i am actually singing up to be a Blessings Unlimited Consultant...what a small world..i hope it takes off...i had a few people tell me that it was to expensive.

  2. Oh my gosh, I want it all, the ruffle table runner...LOVE! I love the quartz necklace & sugar pop pack too. How many letters come with the "blessings" sign? I might have to look into getting that for a friend of mine who just bought a house. Too cute. Thanks for the feature! :-) Have a great weekend!

  3. oh wow! a blog makeover for Christmas-what a great gift!! Thanks for the window shopping-can't get out of the house by myself today so this is the next best thing.

  4. What cool finds! THanks for sharing, I too love to window shop!

  5. I love that ruffled table runner. I just recenly made a plain-jane one, and have plans to make one with ruffles. Why did I never think beyond a cream fabric for the ruffle??? Now I want to make two! =)


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