Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thrifty Treasures: Material Girl

Yesterday's post gave you two guesses as to where I went last night.

If you guessed "80s themed party," you were like, totally right. My sister-in-law, Susannah, and my good friend L threw me a birthday bash on Saturday night to celebrate my twenty-fauxth birthday.

80s parties are growing in popularity, so I thought it would be fun to show you how I put together a thrifty and hip costume since my mom threw out all the scrunchies and banana clips. You can head over to see Rhoda at Southern Hospitality to read about other bloggers' recent bargain hunting tips--good reads!

If you come back tomorrow, I'll dish all about my mondo party.

If you don't believe that the 80s are back, then check out this accessories wall at Claire's!
It's gloriously hideous, isn't it?

The first, and most crucial, item is the $4.00 black tee-shirt I got at Wal-Mart in the men's section. I bought the largest one I could find and my friend Christy helped me slash it and squirt neon paint all over it. (You saw a hint of it in yesterday's preview) T thought we were buggin' crazy.

Everyone knows accessories are key to any fantabulous outfit. $5 lace belt from Wal-Mart, $1.00 scrunchie set from Claires, 1 FREE glove borrowed from Christy, whose oldest daughter is just now experiencing the joys of 80s fashion. Make-up from The Dollar Tree.

Plastic jewelry is a girl's best friend! $5 beaded necklace from Wal-Mart, $2.00 bracelet from Claires, $5 dangly star earrings. I went for white with the necklace and bracelet because I might actually wear those again!

I think these leg warmers from 5 and Below were $2.00. You can tell they cost $2.00...they're not very warm.
Wanna see how I put it all together? Well, you'll have to wait until tomorrow, so there. It might make you say, "Like, gag me with a spoon." Or, you'll want to go "back to the future." I dunno. I'll let you be the judge.

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Until then, Ev'rybody Wang Chung Tonight, Y'all!

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  1. I wish I were a fly on the wall at that party. I'll bet there were some amazing outfits. I can't wait to see what your outfit ended up looking like. I love all the pieces you found! I'm amazed how all the neon is back at every store. Great theme for a party, I might just have to throw one sometime. Now hurry up with those pictures!

  2. I, like, TOTALLY want to, like, see you! Oh my gawd, I can't, like, WAIT!

  3. I was married and having children in the 80's, so I didn't appreciate the fashion so much. Gag me with a spoon, for sure! But Oh...give me some bell bottoms and a peace sign necklace and I'm all over the 70's!!


  4. How fun to have a theme like that for a party. But!!What scares me is we can still buy all that bad fashion,Yikes!! Of all the era's in fashion I found it the hardest to dress in the 80s I was never IN always OUT. I hope you took lots of picts it will be fun to travel through time, Happy 20 something birthday,Kathysue

  5. Seriously, can the 80's please just STAY in the 80's? The best part of that decade was a)I was in kindergarten and b)cute movies like Working Girl and Secret to My Success. Other than that, PLEASE keep the styles back there! I was afraid this would happen. You know what I liked to do in the 80's? Wear those colored Keds shoes and several contrasting colors of socks. Don't know why since it's SO hot here in TX. Oh well, was probably way fun to have that party. Can't wait to see pics! Totally!

    P.S. Did you wear a ponytail on the side of your head?

  6. omg that wall!! haha what is this world coming to!? I mean maybe, I'd wear that tutu, I don't know though...:)

  7. My 7th grade students are loving the 80's fashion. I just hope those ugly white lace-up shoes don't come back into fashion. I remember wearing them with hot pink socks, pleated striped Lee jeans, a white shirt, and a hot pink scarf tied in my hair to complete the look.

    You must share your 80's outfit!

  8. OMG!! That wall at Claire's is!! LOL!! I never understood the 80's fashion or the 70's or even the 90's ! LOL! I kinda of follow my own tune. your party was a blast. And I can't wait to see your outfit!

  9. I can't wait to see your party pics. I thought the 80"s were fun ! When else could you wear neon green fishing lures as earrings ? :)

  10. Wow. I'm one of those "let the 80s stay in the 80s" people! I just found pleated jeans, and cropped WIDE tops so incredibly unflattering to everyone regardless of your figure! I'm staying right in my own world of fashion for this season! :-)

  11. Are you kidding me? I'm DYING to see how you put it together.

  12. Can't wait for the reveal!

    Is it pathetic that I'm a little giddy that the 80's are back and that I have daughters to live vacariously through, fashion-wise?

  13. Every time I take my daughters shopping I think I should have saved all of my 80s jewelry. Then it would be real vintage. :) Can't wait to see your get-up.

  14. I can't wait to see the end result!!! I hope you have a blast!

  15. Oh my word...I am on pins and needles wating for the after pic!!! Cannot wait to see what you did with all that wonderfully hideous 80's garb!


  16. It's funny to see all the 80's stuff back around again. I lived a lot of it, but don't think I can do leggings again. :) I'm not so sure the big hair will ever be like it was then though.

  17. Hideous is right! I grew up in the 80's - a Gen X girl - and I am disturbed that 80's fashion is back. Why when so many great decades of fashion are out there to emulate? Why not the roaring 20's fashions or the 1950's fashion simplicity? :)


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