Monday, April 5, 2010

"Centsational" Simple Paper Butterflies

It's Monday, which means the girls, my mom, and I have loaded up the car and are heading down to North Carolina to have a little visit with my Nannie. My friend Kate, the creative genius behind the Centsational Girl blog, graciously offered to share a fun Spring project with you today. Take it away, Kate!

My friend Amanda is going on va-cay so I'm here to completely take over.  Today 'Serenity Now', tomorrow the world, mooo hooo haaaaw haaaw!"  Kidding.

I created these simple paper butterflies out of tissue paper and scrapbook paper, paired with some floral sprays, available in the wedding aisle at a craft store.

I used a butterfly template I found online and printed it out on my home printer.  (Just Google 'butterfly template' to find one in a shape you like).  Using the template, cut out all of your butterflies on your scrap book paper.  For the tissue paper version, fold up your tissue into a square with about 6 or 8 layers and use the template to cut out the shape of a butterfly with a fluttery effect.

Wrap your floral spray around your paper butterfly, then clip off the extra sparkly sprigs so you only have two for the antennae.

Attach to branches for a whimsical effect or tape across your wall in a large pattern.  Use the end of the floral spray to secure to the branch, or suspend with fishing line.
Thanks Amanda for letting me take over your blog today - hope you are having a lovely time on holiday!

I want to say a big "thank you" to Kate for being willing to help me out this week! I love stopping at Centsational Girl because not only does Kate have exquisite taste, her fun sense of humor is woven into well-crafted posts about design, home life, thrifting, and what it's like to live near San Francisco. Wish me luck while I'm in "the land of no internet and dozens of breakable knick-knacks"'s a toddler's dream come true and a mom's worst nightmare!

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  1. What a cute project!! :) I love the "antennae"! My girls would love this in their room, I think!

    Amanda, I hope you have a wonderful week with all of the "girls"! Enjoy your Nannie & have a great time! :)


  2. Those are so cute, and the project looks easy enough for those of us who are challenged when it comes to 3-dimensional crafts. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh I'm so excited for this project! I have a big glass jar full of sticks and I have eggs and carrots hanging on them but I need something to hang once I take them down so butterflies will be perfect!

    Have a great vacation Amanda!

  4. Love it! I heart butterflies and making them like this would be so much fun. I'd' love to see them all over a tree! =-D

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  6. have a fun vacation - Kate, I LOVE these butterflies and have 2 little girls that would love these also!

  7. Kate, what an adorable project! I love the blingy antennae most of all.

    Amanda, have a wonderful visit and safe travels. "See" ya later this week!

  8. WHat a wonderful fun project. I love your blog. I am a new follower stopping by from SITS! Will be coming back for more! Come stop by if you get a chance. I am doing a fun giveaway this week!

  9. Those are so cute! I think I might even be able to do those thanks to your great tutorial.

  10. these are just darling, what a fun and easy Spring project, thanks for sharing your talents with us, Kathysue

  11. Kaaa-ute!!! What a nice thing to do...guest host your blog. Have a great vacation and don't break anything!!!

  12. My little girl has a lot of cute butterflies in her room... she would like those!! ;)

  13. Yay! Love a new and cute project! Have fun and be safe on your trip! Sending calming vibes your way!

  14. Too cute! I especially like the one made with tissue paper.

    Stop by my blog for a full week of giveaways!

  15. very cute ...all of your craftiness makes me I am not crafty in any way.... Hope you had a fun easter

  16. Amanda, write a darn book already. On crafts and being amazingly awesome at every single thing you do :)

  17. I love those. They are so cute and happy looking!!! Have a wonderful trip!



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