Friday, November 13, 2009

Unattended Toddlers

It's Day #13 of 27 Days of Thankful. Click the link to find out what's going on here every day in November until Thanksgiving Day.

This is what happens when you leave a toddler unattended for 18 seconds with her sister's markers:
That is my kitchen floor.

Today, I am thankful for Magic Erasers.

{What are you thankful for today?}
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  1. Oh, man, that little stinker! Those Magic Erasers really are a mother's lifesaver, aren't they? :)

  2. Love the magic erasers!! Unfortunately they cannot fix the lineoleum floor in the laundry room that Lucie chewed up this morning.....well, not that I"m comparing MB to a dog....but I do understand!


  3. I love magic erasers! Visiting from SITS, happy Friday!

  4. Haha omg I am also thankful for magic erasers! My doors are thankful they are no longer covered in red crayon:)

  5. Oh no! I guess every kid has to learn that lesson at some point! (I sent you an email on a related topic)

  6. Love me some Magic Erasers, too!!
    Today, I'm thankful for my camera! I love photography, preserving memories and using them to blog with :)

  7. That's pretty much what every hard surface in my house looks like.

    And monkey herself looks that way most of the time too.

    I feel your pain. And your appreciation for the magic eraser!

  8. My 5 year old has given me many of those lovelies! And still does!

  9. I wish we were neighbors. You always make me smile :)

  10. Today I am thankful we had leftovers because it meant I didn't have to cook dinner!

  11. I feel your pain!

    Magic Erasers are the most amazing invention ever!!! I swear by them. I have four little monsters, I mean, blessings, who like to make "art" on random areas of the house.

  12. Think about how hard our moms had to work to clean up our messes and how much easier it is now with the Magic Eraser! I love those thing and I don't have a little one to clean up after. You need eyes in the back of your head!!

  13. Sorry...I giggled on that marker thing one. I have 4 kids...ages 2,4,6,8 and have soooo been there. I just found your blog today. I would have totally linked up :) I posted a thankful post today!!!

    HAve a great weekend!


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