Saturday, November 7, 2009

27 Days of Thankful, #7

Today marks Day #7 of 27 Days of Thankful. Click the link to find out what's going on here every day in November until Thanksgiving Day.

Ode to the DVR
I don't know how one little box of plastic and metal parts could have changed my life.

TV is one hobby that I am not too exhausted to indulge in at the end of a day filled with children, sippy cups, whining, vacuuming, diapers, storytimes, snacktimes, mealtimes, crying, and the ever elusive bedtime routine.

I you don't have a DVR for your television, then you are missing out on a world of fabulosity.

My DVR can record Grey's Anatomy and The Office (at the same time!) while I do the dishes after the girls go to bed. My DVR is smart enough to record an entire season of a show so I don't have to remember to hit "record" every week like those cavemen who use their VCRs to tape things. My DVR remote lets me pause Live television so I can run into the addition and force Natalie to let Michaela Byrd play with the dollhouse too. My DVR lets me fast-forward through commercials at lightning-quick speed, sparing me lame political commercials and ads for dish soap. Last night I was able to watch The Office and Grey's Anatomy in less than an hour. If that isn't genius, I don't know what is. My DVR lets me store a whole big bunch of TV shows so that when I finally do have an hour or two to spare, I can sit down and let my brain turn to complete mush.

DVR, you complete me.

Today, if you haven't already guessed, I am thankful for my DVR, who has made my addiction to shows like LOST and Project Runway so much easier to maintain.

{What are you thankful for today?}

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  1. LOL We're still living in pre-DVR days, but we do have a DVD recorder. It doesn't have nearly the capabilities that you've described, but it's better than the old VCR!

  2. No t.v. is complete without a DVR!!!

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  4. DVR is probsbly one of the greatest inventions ever!

  5. Hey, Amanda, I love my DVR too, although I need to record more shows that I enjoy. I just recorded an old Doris Day movie & can't wait to curl up and watch it soon.

    OK, on those coffee syrups. If you have a World Market in your town, check them out. They have a HUGE selection of Torani syrups in all flavors, including Sugar free (with Splenda) French Vanilla & regular, along with a ton more flavors. I love the caramel too. I've been just buying some flavored creamers at the grocery store, but when I really want to make it special, I use the syrups. They go pretty fast when you use them everyday though. I buy the big bottles at World Market (about the size of a wine bottle). Also, Walmart (believe it or not!) carries Torani too in the smaller bottles, but it's more cost effective to get the big ones from World Market.

    Get you some!

  6. Today, I am very thankful for my husband who did the dishes, cleaned up all the toys and made the bed while I was out running errands. Then he did the laundry while I worked on my homework! What a great guy!!

  7. Oh and y'all will probably have a heart attack, but we don't even have a TV that gets stations - it just plays videos and DVDs.

  8. I can't imagine life without my DVR. That thing is incredible!

  9. I love The Office... thats funny b/c I wrote about that show in my blog today as well. Great minds think alike...
    Stay Beautiful - Beauty Queen

  10. I, too, am so thankful for my DVR! I shudder to think of life without it, and how did we live without it even just a few years ago?!?

  11. Man I am so jealous. I do not have a DVR. AND did you know you can't record on VCR's now? Because the signal is digital, and the VCR doesn't have digital recording capabilities. Dumb, huh? So I depend on my mom to DVR episodes of SYTYCD while I'm at Young Women's!


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