Monday, August 31, 2009

Too much of a good thing

Here's a hint that maybe, just maybe you let your preschooler watch too much TV that afternoon you needed to give the downstairs a deep cleaning:

When she's willing to defend it with her life.

Notice how she's still trying to watch the show, even as she throws her body against the screen.

Me (picking up remote and aiming it at TV): Hey, Natalie, it's time to turn the TV off and go play.

Natalie (emerging from semi-comatose state and leaping from couch): No! Please!

Me: It's time to turn this off. (trying to point remote around her)

Natalie (in desperation): Please! Just one more show? I have to see The Backyardigans.

Michaela Byrd (wandering in from the Kitchen): Yardidans!

Great, now it's two against one.

14 days and counting until the first day of preschool....

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  1. How adordable...of course, probably not to you at the time. LOL
    Dropping by from SITS!

  2. Ha - that has SO happened at our house!!!

    I either set a timer - or give him a five minute warning after which he can choose weather he or I turn the tube off. Seems to help.

  3. You eventually get over it and learn to be at peace with the amount of time they spend in front of the tv! ;)

  4. HAHAHAHA! Is it bad that I knew exactly what she was doing as soon as I saw her block the tv AND try to look over her shoulder at the same time?

  5. That is too funny! Enjoy them while you can! :)

  6. Too funny! I could have easily written this post! My kids love to watch TV! I need to hide the remote!

  7. How funny! Only 2 weeks until you get a little mommy time, have fun!

  8. Are you sure that's not my kids?! My son will try and get dressed in the morning, staring at the tv, moving in slo-mo to keep from falling down.

  9. Ha! I would defend the TV for Backyardigans too! I love that show!

    I'm remembering how addicted my kids are to t.v. now that we have channels again!

    It's okay...pretty sure all my kids learned how to read from Sesame Street!

    She looks adorable defending her treasure!

  10. Gosh...this is my youngest, I swear. But she's 19!

  11. You are so funny and always give me a laugh when I need it :) Did your darn cupcake stand ever get to you?! It could be taking a awhile because its coming from Canada haha but don't worry I DID send it! Toodles my friend!

  12. That is a hoot! I love how she is still watching it.

  13. Guess where my mind first the future...just picturing Natalie arms wrapped around a tree that they are trying to demolish for a new high rise. You have instilled dedication into that little mind...keep up the good work.

  14. HAHA FUNNY!!!!

    Your sense of humor is great :)


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