Monday, August 10, 2009

New Party Button!

Thanks to my wonderful friend, Xazmin, I now have a button for my Decorating Dilemmas Party that WORKS! You can grab the code over on my sidebar!

(Click on the photo above for details about the party. I'll put up a reminder post sometime tomorrow.)

Before, it was just a plain old photo that I doctored up in Paint, using my limited techie skills. (Okay, I'm lying, my three year old made it for me and Xazmin took pity on us). Thank you so much, Xazmin!

If you have a project involving pretty much anything around the house (decorating, crafty stuff, gardening, home improvement, organization, you name it!) that you'd like some feedback on, or if you have a solution to a dilemma to share (I LOVE before and afters!), please link up to my party. I always enjoy getting kind feedback from friends, especially when I have no clue what I'm doing. It will be fun to stop by other partygoers' blogs and see what everyone is up to.

I'll post the party tomorrow (Tuesday) night around 10 pm (ET) and we can party all day on Wednesday! I've never used Mr. Linky before, and I'm not sure he particularly cares for me, but we'll give it a shot.

If you all enjoy yourselves, we could do this once a month. I have so many little things (and big things!) around my house that I need some help with. It's so much fun to share my successes with you guys...I think it will be fun to reveal some of my problem areas too and see what you think!

~Don't forget that there is a Giveaway for participants!~ Check the link out to see what you might score just by asking some bloggy friends for some help.

Have a wonderful evening!

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  1. You're so crazy girl! Have you decided what you're going to do with the tags? Love the party button!

  2. Your friend is awesome to make you a button like that!

  3. Xazmin IS awesome! What a cute button and also she sent me and told me to tell you she sent me, so you can blame her when I clog your blog with tons of comments okay? And LONG ones, too.
    I've been reading your last few posts and I just have to say, anonymous commenters are wussies. They can't say it with their name visible. I had one tell me I'm mean and stuff. Seriously? It kinda, sorta, made be bawl like a freakin' baby. I just wanna make people laugh!
    Anyway, I love that you got that Arthur movie for a buck! My kids LOVE Arthur and his annoying friend Buster.
    I have tons of decorating dilemmas, so I'm gonna have to see what other dilemmas people have to see if mine are too embarrassing to talk about. :)

  4. Hey, Amanda, I'm featuring my sister's new laundry room tomorrow, so I think that would count as a dilemma, so I'll link up with you. :)


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