Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best Posts from Serenity Now in 2014

Hello, hello! As 2014 draws to a close (can you believe it?!), I wanted to share some of the best posts from Serenity Now over the past year. Some of these were big hits with traffic, and some were just my own personal faves. Please feel free to Pin, share, Tweet, comment, etc. I love it when readers spread the word!
List of some great crafts, recipes, home decor projects, and tips & tricks from Serenity Now in 2014

So...those are some of my top posts from 2014.

Ironically, the biggest projects I completed in 2014 have not been blogged yet. A nursery makeover, updating a family craft/play space, a gallery wall, mini kitchen update, two furniture makeovers, two birthday parties, and more.

I guess you'll have some posts to look forward to in 2015, huh?

I have slowed down my pace here on the blog. I still enjoy blogging and sharing our home projects...but I have less time on my hands for sitting down to edit photos, write, and plug posts. Chasing after a baby and keeping up with two school aged girls has me on my toes! 2015 will bring some projects here to the blog, but on my own timeline.

What was your favorite project that you completed in 2014?

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