Monday, January 6, 2014

5 Tips for Winter Entertaining

Do you entertain during the winter months, or do the holidays leave you feeling drained? Ashley from Domestic Fashionista brings us 5 Tips for Winter Entertaining today. I think you'll find inspiration from her gorgeous photos; and her planning tips make welcoming guests into your home over the next couple of months a much more realistic feat! Please help me welcome Ashley to the blog today!

Hi, Serenity Now readers!  I am Ashley of Domestic Fashionista, where I love to share about my home and entertaining! With the holidays behind us, it is nice to still have a festive home when entertaining for the remaining days of the cold weather months. Here are five tips for entertaining during the winter season.

5 Tips for Cold Weather Entertaining

1. Temperature
There are so many times that I get all bundled up for the cold only to enter into a really warm house with not enough layers to shed.  So when I consider the temperature of my own home I want it warm enough that people do not need to leave their jacket on.  But I also want it not to be too warm for those maybe dressed in sweaters.

5 Tips for Cold Weather Entertaining

2. Warm Food
Nothing says hospitality in my opinion like a hot meal.  If you are having guests over to eat, prepare in advance a hot meal that welcomes them in from the cold.  It doesn't have to be fussy (remember the holidays are over!) so go with something simple like soups or other hot foods that get kept warm on your stove top or crock pot.  I also try to keep hot water for tea and coffee available for those interested in a warm drink.  If you really want to wow your guests, try serving them a special latte made at home: Vanilla Chai Tea Latte | Pumpkin Spice Latte | Egg Nog Latte

3. Music
Music is one of those entertaining items that often gets forgotten.  If you are not a constant music listener, this is an easy one to not remember.  But having some kind of music playing in the background creates an atmosphere as well as fills potential awkward silence.  A nice classical piano mix playing in the background is perfect for this time of year!

5 Tips for Cold Weather Entertaining

4. Touches of the Season
All of your holiday decor might be packed away by now but that is no excuse not to add a little decor to your home for the season.  It can be as simple as a few branches of a seasonal plant in vases around the house or seasonal smelling candles filling your rooms.  It does not require a lot of work but a few touches will make your guests feel like you made the extra effort on their behalf.

5 Tips for Cold Weather Entertaining

5. A Joyful Heart
As we go into a new year, lets make more room in our homes and hearts for our family and friends.  Make these winter months warm through your kindness and hospitality.  Don't worry about having everything all together but instead embrace this time of coziness as you invite others into your home.

For more ideas and encouragement for your home and entertaining, please stop by over at Domestic Fashionista!  You can also click here to view more photos of my "Winter Tablescape" shared in this post. 

Such beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing your heart with us today, Ashley!

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