Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thinking Beyond the Mantel (Holiday Decorating Tips)

Welcome back to my Christmas series, A Season of Serenity at Home! Do you have a fireplace with a mantel? My family doesn't own either, and I used to get frustrated by not having a traditional spot for holiday decor and vignettes. I created a fix for our family, and Samantha from Crafty Texas Girls is here today with some great holiday decorating tips for us. Whether you have a mantel or not, it's time to think creatively!

It's Not 'All About' the Mantel
Mantels get a lot of attention during Christmas time. There are poems and songs singing the praises of stockings hung next to a fire. But several of my favorite places to decorate for the holidays are away from the chimney. So if you don't have a mantel, or you are just looking to incorporate the holiday spirit into other parts of your home, you are in luck! It's time to think beyond the mantel. :)

Christmas Vignettes
Whether you know it or not, you are probably the proud owner of a vignette- a cluster of decorative items on display. If you don't have a mantel, or even if you do, you can add your Christmas decor to places other than your mantel. 

In our home, I like to display our holiday decor on the dresser by the stairs. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines, and of course, Christmas decorations are perfect for this spot.

During December, I like to place an advent calendar and a few nutcrackers on this hall dresser. I took down my usual decor (an assortment of metallic frame and books) replaced it with my Christmas decor, like this lush evergreen wreath. 

And don't overlook the kitchen for touches of Christmas. A simple center piece on the kitchen table can make this room feel festive. I enclosed silver ornaments in a dome cake plate and then added gold mason jars filled with white hydrangeas. 

These gold mason jars were originally from my sister's baby shower. I now use them all the time. They work for every occasion from birthday parties to New Years. 

And other small touches of Christmas can be brought into other unexpected places. I put a mini Christmas tree with a burlap wrapped trunk and more of my nutcracker collection nestled on a tea table. 

Stockings Hung by the...
For those stockings, look around your home. Yes, the mantel is the traditional place to hang them. 

But, you could also add them to your banister, a cabinet, dresser, the end of a bed, or even on a line with clothespins. 
Having a mantel to decorate is just the beginning. But it's not the "be all, end all" for holiday decor.

Anywhere you can clear space is a place where you can spread a little Christmas cheer.

Where is your favorite space for Christmas decor? Do you decorate beyond the mantel? 

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Thank you, Samantha! As someone who does not own a mantel, I do have to get creative with my decorating...for holidays and the everyday. We hang our stockings from our stairway railing, and I love the look!

*You'll find more holiday inspiration for this season at my Christmas series, A Season of Serenity, which is running all December long. The posts are rounded up as each one goes live. I'd love for you to visit!*

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